You want to ride the Zipper but you’re not tall enough. Time to trick someone. But how? Walk to the left, to the refreshment stand.


On the left side of the stand is a CUP. Take it. Walk to the tap on the right and turn it on. Use the cup on the water and close the tap again. Search the trashcan to find a bottle of SLEEPING TABLETS. Use the tablets on the cup of water and walk all the way to the left to the maintenance guy having his lunch.

Maintenance Guy:

Once in a while the guy takes a sip from his beer. Your sleeping pills in water look a bit like it. As soon as the guy puts his beer down, use the cup with sleeping pills on it to change them. The guy won’t notice and before you know, he’ll be asleep.  You now have his BEER. He also has a pocket full of DOLLARS in his jeans. You might take these as well. Go back to the refreshments.


Talk to the man behind the counter and ask him what he has to offer. Order something. In fact order all:  the BURGER, the BRATWURST and the TACO. Then walk on to the target range.

Target Range:

Allways a prize here. Sounds good. Give the man your money and you can shoot. The trick here is to hit at least ten targets. Looks a bit difficult at first but it can be done. In fact, you can shoot one target multiple times if you’re fast enough. Just practice. Your money lasts forever so if you don’t succeed the first time, at least you get the SUNGLASSES, which you want anyway, so be sure to fail also at least once (or win twice, theres only one main prize per customer). When you’ve hit ten or more targets you’ll win the STILTS.

Walk to the right to find the sad looking man. Talk to him and ask him for his coat. That would make a nice disguise. But you’re not getting it for free. He wants to eat and drink. Give the man the hamburger, the bratwurst and the taco and finish it with the beer. Now he’s a happy man. You can have his COAT. Take it from the chair. Walk to the left side of the stand where you can see some crates.

Use the crates to hide behind and you’ll climb your stilts, put on your coat and wear the sunglasses. Now you can try to get into the Zipper again.

The Zipper:

Talk to the  carny and he’ll ask you about the coat. Tell him that it’s none of his business. Then he’ll ask you about the shades. Reply that you won them and want to wear them. He’ll understand that you want to get into the carnival mood. Then he’ll ask about the voice. Tell him that it’s a medical condition and then he’ll understand. You’re allowed to ride the Zipper. After all, you are this tall!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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