You’re in a cave and need to get out. Shouting into the hole above you doesn’t work. Take the little ROCK on the left and use it on the hole. That will attract someone. Totol will ask who that was. No matter what you answer, they won’t believe you anyway.

Talk to Totol. Ask him his name and he’ll start asking you the questions. When he asks you what you are doing there, you try to tell him what had happened…


Use the terminal behind you. You first have to activate the artificial intelligence program before you can continue. Then ask for an elevator card so you can go upstairs. The computer is a bit to intelligent and wants a swearing battle first. You can come back whenever you’re ready. Return to the computer right away and start the swearing battle. No matter what you say, the computer will laugh at you.

Use the Shvik’s tooth from your inventory on the right window. That will break the glass and let some water in. Use the helmet in your inventory to get the WATER. Use the control panel again and select that you’re ready for the battle. You’ll threaten with the water. That will be no match for the computer and you’ll have your CARD. Use the card on the reader to the right of the elevator entrance. Then someone is coming down….

Talk to the creature and discover it’s name is Reyla, one of the Vonticans. Talk until you know all about the egg, the garbage and your destination. The Reyla will leave.

Use the computer again to find out more about the garbage. Oh no, it broke down. You’ll take the CIRCUIT BOARD with you but now you must repair it first. Use the card on the cardreader to the right of the elevator entrance to go to Level 2B.

You can see Reyla talking to a green creature. Talk to Reyla and ask her who that was. Ask her what she’s doing there and learn about the egg. Walk to the left and find the green creature in the room. Try to talk to the creature and find out that you don’t understand a word it’s saying.

Give the motherboard to the green alien. He’ll repair the elements but the board stays broken. Look at the sign on the wall. No text there. Strange. Look at the bed. Look at the pillow and discover it’s hard. Take the PILLOW from the bed and use the tooth on the pillow. This will cut the pillow and reveal a LEMON. Use the tooth on the lemon to cut it and you now have lemon JUICE. Use the lemonjuice on the sign on the wall to reveal the text. No clue yet. Walk to the right and go back to Reyla.

Use the broken motherboard on the egg to left the goo glue the board. Talk to Reyla and ask her what the goo is made of. Ah… it’s electrical resistant. Good. Walk to the right to the elevator entrance.

Downstairs use the motherboard with the control terminal. One repaired computer. Use the computer to learn about the garbage. Since you’ve read the sign, you know the password. And you’ll learn all about the mission. Until…

Use the elevator card on the reader and go back up again. Meet and talk to the guard and X2….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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