You crashed with your ship. In front of you is the head of 3-C.U.P. Talk to it. Make some jokes and ask for valuable information. If there isn’t any, ask for useless information. You get information on how to get to the Kaiser. You must go through the engine rooms.

The panel on the wall says that the engine rooms are on the left, so walk to the left. The entrance is guarded. Talk to the battle droid and ask to pass. You can’t. The droid will ask you for proper clearance. If you say that you’re a technician, you need to show an ID. If you say you’re a Jedi, you’ll be shot. So say you’re a brainiac and you still can’t pass because you don’t look like one: white messy hair, a mustache and strange behaviour.

Walk to the right twice to the storage room. There’s a big box of usefull stuff but you can’t reach it since it’s too high. On the floor is a broken droid. At least it has a grappling unit. Use your magic power (press spacebar) on the droid to lift it and move it over the box. Lower it and click when it’s at the bottom. The droid will come out again with… a stupid WIG. Pick it up. On the ground are also some sharp SHARDS. Pick one up as well.

Walk back to the left and near 3-C.U.P. use the wig on yourself. Looks nice. Then use the exposed cord and you have one fried wig. Take off your wig.  In your inventory use the shard on the fried wig and you cut a sticky piece off. There’s your mustache.

Walk further to the left and in front of the battle droid use the wig and mustache on yourself. Then talk to the droid and ask to pass again. When you tell him you’re a brainiac he’ll admit it. But then for the behaviour. Just put your tongue out as proof of weird behaviour.  You’re allowed to enter.

You’ll talk to 3-C.U.P. through the tricorder. He’ll tell you about the passage and the switches. So don’t use the passage yet, the switches first.

Use the panel to get closer then use your special power to open it. The goal is to light all switches. Here’s how:

Number the switches from left to right, top to bottom from 1 to 9. Then use the sequence: 1, 7, 6, 3 and 9.

You can now use the narrow passage way and go to the Kaiser. Talk to the Kaiser and use every excuse not to be the hero. Then it wil come to a fight. A fight you’ll win! Because.. oh well.. The Kaiser is dead.

Look under the Kaiser’s head to find a CHESS BOARD. Use the tricorder on yourself to contact 3-C.U.P. and tell him about the chess board. Knight to Bishop six….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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