Look around and look at the log. There’s something inside. Use the log to take the SHARP STONE out.

Walk to the right and look at the knight with the armor guarding an artifact. Talk to the knight and learn about the transporter and the tests to do. Walk to the left and on the crossing go south. You’ll have a conversation near the tree. Walk to the right and talk to the man sitting on the stone. He’s looking for a flute. Walk back to the left and go left again at the tree.

A fox is blocking your path. Talk to the fox and find out about his stone. Walk to the north and meet the elf. Talk to the elf and you’ll get a MEDALLION. Walk to the north and keep following the path when you’re at the hollow tree. Some tiny lights will call you. Talk to the lights in the hollow tree. Again you are warned.

Follow the path to the right and at the next tree take the ROPE from it. Walk to the right and take the REED. Go left and next to the path leading to the south is a blue stone. Try to take it and a bird will beat you to it. Go south twice and look inside the dark hollow tree. Take the blue STONE from it. Walk to the right, back to the flute player. Use the sharp stone on the reed to create a flute and give the flute to the player. You’ll get an ANCIENT BOOK from him. Look at the book and realise you can’t read it. Walk to the left, then back to the right. Where the music player was is now a broken FLUTE. Pick it up and use the rope on the flute to repair it.


Walk to the left twice and give the stone to the fox. You’ll get an ANCIENT SHIELD in return. Go north twice. You’re at the lights again. Use the book with the lights and it will be translated. It’s a music book with spells. Talk to the lights and tell about the music you need to play. The fairy will fix that problem.

Go south and walk to the right twice. Talk to the knight and when he asks if you’re ready, you’ll play the flute. The knight is impressed. When he’ll tell you you can use the platform, talk to the knight again to use it. The shadow man you met earlier at the tree will stop you. He’ll first attack the knight, then you but your shield protected you. You then get ten seconds to answer the shadows question.

In your inventory use the medallion on the old silver shield and you’re protected. The powers of the shadow will run out.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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