You need to get to town to buy the cereal and get a light bulb.

Part 1 – The farm:

Take some of the MUD from the crashed ship on the left. Leave the enclosure on the right and at the tractor walk further to the right. There’s a platypus trapped. Look at the creature to hypnotize it and then use the trap to set it free. It’ll follow you now where ever you go. Take some of the GRASS standing in the mud next to the pond.

Walk north to return to the chicken and the truck. Try to use the door of the truck to find it locked. Take the path north to see the doors of the barn. Go to the left to find the entrance of the house. In front of it is a dog asleep. Take the TWIG from the tree stump. Look through the window to find the key inside but you need to find another way to get the key.

In your inventory (device on the upper right), combine the mud and the grass and use the combination on the platypus. He’ll distract the owner of the house and while doing so, you can take the KEY from the wall.  Walk south to return to the truck and use the key on the truck to start your journey. But you’re not going anywhere.

Walk north to the barn and use the platypus (icon) on the haystack next to the barn. He’ll find you a NEEDLE. Use the needle on the padlock of the barn and once inside the barn talk to the horse. The animal will turn his backside to you and when you use the twig from your inventory on the horse, he’ll make sure you’ll get the can of GAS. leave the barn on the south and walk to the left to the house. Now south again, back to the truck.

Use the can of gas on the door of the truck and then use the truck to drive to town. Move the truck left and right and avoid the boulders but try to hit as many animals along the way.

Part 2 –  The bar:

Take the fluffy DICE from the hood of the car and walk to the bar on the right. You’re not getting in from this side so walk to the left and go north to enter the kitchen of the bar. Use the platypus on the box to the right of the chef and he’ll get you the TONGS. Leave the kitchen on the left and you’re now inside the bar. Walk to the right to enter the men’s room and use the door of the right stall to see the toilet. There’s a quarter in it so use the tongs to grab the QUARTER.

Use the door on the left to leave the toilets and enter the bar again. You’ll hear that the guy doesn’t like the only song that’s available. The jukebox costs ¢50 and you only have ¢25. Give your quarter to the man on the left of the jukebox and he’ll bite a hole in the coin. In your inventory tie the furry dice to the quarter and use the combination on the jukebox to cheat the system.

Insert the coin into the slot and select 6B (you’ve seen the man selecting the same record). and the bar is being refurbished. Eventually you’ll end up at the table with the man and when you show him the add for the cereal (light bulb), he’ll take you to town.

Part 3 – Into town:

Walk to the north to cross the street  and notice the phone number in the window of the toy shop. Walk to the south and  use the quarter from your inventory on the  phone. Once the coin is inserted, use platypus with the phone and let him dial the number from the window: 555 6789.

While the conversation is going, walk north to cross the street and north again to enter the toy shop. Take the PICTURE from the counter. Once outside, back at the phone, the conversation ends and you must take the COIN back from the phone booth.

Walk north to Grub City and talk to the guy on the right. As soon as he shows you the JOINT, take it from him and enter the store on the right. Notice the price of the cereal advertised on the door. You need to get quite some money here. Walk to the right and see what the shop assistants look like. Leave the shop on the left and walk south back across the street. Give the joint to platypus and he’ll arrange a WRENCH for you.

Go north across the street to the fire hydrant. Use the wrench on the hydrant and the water will go straight up. Pick up the GARBAGE CAN from the right and put the can over the hydrant so you can pick up the COWBOY HAT. Walk to the left and use the cowboy hat with the hat that’s on the floor next to the guy on the left. You have now swapped the cowboy hat for the GROCERY STORE HAT.

Walk further to the left and find the lady with her groceries. Use the hat on her to show her you’re from the store and she’ll give you two TICKETS for the circus. Pick up the BANANA that fell from the bag. Walk to the right and then north to the circus entrance. Walk to the right to the ticket booth and give the tickets to the (wo)man in the booth.

Walk north into the tent and north again to see the oldest elephant. Look at the vending machine to the right of the elephant to find the tranquilizer pills for ¢25. Insert your quarter into the vending machine and take a PILL from it. Walk south and the oldest elephant is no longer.

Walk north to the left of the cage and find a janitor in an elephant suit. Take the BUCKET from the floor left of the trashcan and walk to the  right. At the beer stall use platypus on the cardboard clown indication how tall you must be and when the stall keeper is distracted, use the bucket on the tap of the barrel of beer to fill the bucket with BEER.

Walk to the left and show the picture of the clown to the janitor. The will gain you entrance to the private tent where the clown has one of the parts you need. In your inventory add the pill to the beer and give the beer to the clown. While the clown is out cold, pick up the HORN from his lap.

Leave the tent on the right and walk to the left.  That monkey is earning quite some money. Give the banana to the monkey to take his place and catch the money. No rush, take your time and watch out for the banana peels. Once you’ve earned $19,95, you’ll get your CEREAL from the shop with the needed spare part in the box.You’ll automatically hitch a ride back to the farm.

Part 4 – Fixing the ship:

Walk north of the car to the front of the house. Use the door to go inside and grab the bull by the horn to open a trapdoor. Use platypus on the trapdoor and he’ll keep it open for you. Go down the hatch and go through the door on the right to enter a kind of courtyard. Use the door on the upper left to find a BBQ stand. Give a quarter to the vendor and he’ll give you an empty BUCKET.

Leave the room on the south and enter the room on the upper right: the kissing room. As soon as the boy faces to to the right, take the SPRING from his head. Use platypus on the girl to kiss her. You now have to win at least two tongue-fights. After you’ve won, you’ll get a piece of GUM.

Leave the room on the south and visit the toy room on the lower left, below the BBQ room. Use the gum on the flying UFO to stick it at the bottom. Use the bucket from your inventory on the boy with the remote and grab his remote. You now have control over the UFO.  Go to the right twice and fly the UFO to the key. Go back to the left and the key will drop in the barrel with water. Go back left once more to return the UFO to the kid and wait for dad to return the toy to his son.

Walk south to return to the main hall and south again to visit the disco room. Use the spring on the disco ball and climb further up to take the nail from the ceiling and swing the ball to the space ship. Walk to the left to the BBQ stand and left again to the toy stand. Repeat the trick with the bucket on the kid to get his remote and walk to BBQ stand on the right. Fly the saucer to the box with sauce on the shelf to get a bottle of HOT SAUCE. Fly the bottle to the right and drop it on the bucket of the two-headed man in front of your space ship. He’ll leave and you can go home.

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