You’re stuck on an island and you have to get off.

Talk to the man on the beach. Ask who he is and if he likes it here. Ask about the sword. Ask for anything else of help and you get a MAGNIFYING GLASS but the lens is missing. Leave the man and search thte debris behind him.You’ll take a stick of DYNAMITE out.

Walk to the back between the tree and the fence and exit on the left. In front of the house on the left is a stone. Look at it and touch it to get your hands full of GOOEY. Use the dynamite on the stone to take the POWDER out. Use the door to enter the house.

Use the yellow gooey on the cheese to swap and get the CHEESE. Look at the mouse hole. There’s a magnet. Use the cheese on the mouse hole to get the MAGNET and pick it up. Walk to the right to leave the cafe and use the magnet on the waste bin on the right of the house. There was a KEY in there. Use the door again to enter the house and use the key on the door to the kitchen.

Use the window to lower a string with shaker on it. Take the STRING and the SHAKER. Use the powder on the shaker to make it look like pepper and use the filled shaker on the PEPPER SHAKER on the counter. Leave the kitchen by using the door.

Give the pepper shaker to the man sitting at the table and he sneezes off. Take his MONOCLE and use it on the magnifying glass in your inventory. Walk to the right to return to the beach.

Take another stick of DYNAMITE from the pile of rubble on the beach and use the dynamite with the tree. Use the magnifying glass with the dynamite and all that will be left behind is a KNIFE. Pick up the knife and use it with the BOARD on the right. Use the board on the sea to sail to the next island.

When you’re adrift, use the string on the sea to catch a fish with a ROPE. Use the rope with the knife and use the combination on dry land on the right. Walk across the rope to start your next adventure.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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