Thorak is hungry and wants to hunt.

But then chiefman Chief Man needs a book to translate so he can tell what’s needed to catch the bird. Inside your hut pick up the BOOK that’s on the floor. Leave the house on the left and walk to the right. Just below Chief Man is a strange ROCK. Pick it up and walk to the left again.

Walk to the left and talk to Ugga Bugga. Tell her about the robbing and the missing pages. She’ll give you a missing PAGE. Ask her where Steve ran to and she’ll direct you to the woods. Walk to the left to enter the woods.

While walking to the left you can see a dead SAWBIRD on the ground. Pick it up and walk further to the left. There’s a strange tree and a page lying in front. Pick up the PAGE and use the bird saw on the tree to get a ripe CLUB from it. Walk back to the right to the intersection and go north there.


Next to the tar pit is another PAGE. Pick it up and talk to Steve. He got stuck while looking for Rocky. Give the rock you found earlier to Steven and he’ll give you a PICTURE. Walk to the right and keep walking to the right until you’re with Chief Man again. In your inventory use the three pages with the book to make it whole again and give the book to the chiefman.

He’ll tell you from the translated book to find three other items before going on a hunt. Give the feather, the club and the picture to the chiefman and you’re alowed to go on a hunt.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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