The mayor hired you as a bodyguard and now you must protect him from your brother.

On the wall in a frame is a HAMMER. Take it from the wall. Use the door on the right to leave the office and talk to the bartender. Ask about your brother and other mobster to learn that there’s a bag of money somewhere for you. He also gives you a CUP. Walk to the south to leave the bar. Look in the dumpster outside to find only tomato’s. Use the cup on the tomato’s the get some JUICE. Walk to the left into the alley. Talk to the bum who’s talking in movie poster taglines. Use the CD-rack on the left to grab a CD from it.

Walk to the right and enter the Yahtzee Brand General Store. Talk to the shopkeeper and ask what’s free. Use the CD with the player on the counter and he’ll give you a coupon. Take the VOUCHER from the counter and walk to the south to leave the shop. Walk all the way to the right and go to the Book Nook in the upper right on the map.

Give the voucher to the shopkeepster and she’ll give you a BOOK about boxes. Leave the shop and on the map return to the town center. Walk to the left into the alley and use the book on the boxes to find the sack of MONEY. Walk all the way  to the right. On the map select the RON sign.


Talk to the man standing against the sign. Ask what he has for sale and learn about the phone numbers. He can give you some numbers for some money. Give him the money and you’ll get the PHONE NUMBER of the mayor. Walk to the right and select the town square on the map. Walk to the left and use the number on the payphone on the wall. You can now make an appointment with the mayor.Walk further to the right and select the city hall on the map.

Talk to Death and tell him about your appointment. Use the doors of the office to enter. You’re now in the office of the mayor but he isn’t in. You need to find out where he is. In the middle of the desk is a plaque with a keyhole. Use the hammer on the plaque to smash it and find the diary in the compartment under it. Watching it you find out you need to go to the hospital.

Walk to the south to leave the office and to the right to leave city hall. On the map select Reality General. Walk inside and talk to the guard. He won’t let you pass but when you keep pushing long enough, he’ll tell you he’d like a drink. Give him the glass with the tomato juice and he’ll take a run. You can now warn the mayor during his speech. But you’re just too late.

Use the doors on the left when you hear about the shooting. Inside you’ll find your brother with the mayor. You don’t have a gun so the only way to save the mayor is putting the polka CD in the player. Your brother will run and you’ll be arrested.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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