You must find that treasure. But you’re not allowed to dig a hole.

Walk to the lowest of the five crosses in the graveyard and use the shovel on it to get the CROSS. Use the church to go inside and talk to the priest. Learn all about the Cretin family and God. Walk to the left to leave the church. Go to the right twice to enter the creepy woods. On the right is a thorn bush. Use the bush to get a THORN from it.

Walk further to the right and stick your hand in the tar pit to get some TAR. Walk to the left three times to return to the graveyard and walk through the gate on the lower left to reach town. Go left again to find a dead man hanging from a tree.  Look at the sign in the grass and then look at the man. He’s got something in his mouth. Use the cross to pry the CARD out of his mouth.

Use the door of the house to go inside and meet the Cretin family. Talk to the son and offer your help to fulfill the dying wishes of his father. He’ll give you a LIST. Ask more about the video and you’ll get the VIDEO CARD. Ask about the wife, the flower and the previous lawyer. After the conversation, take the COMB from the nightstand and leave the house on the south. Walk south again to enter town and use the video store to enter.

Talk to the man behind the counter and ask for a video. Show the man the card and ask for the Shawshank Redemption. The man will get some details on the computer. Leave the conversation and look at the monitor to find out who borrowed it and what was returned last. Look at the shelf with porn movies until you find the box with the name you saw on the computer. Talk to the man shopkeeper again and ask for a movie from the shelf. Order the movie with the same name. He’ll get the VIDEO for you.

In your inventory look at the video box and find a KEY inside. Leave the store and enter the wig store next to it. Put the tar in the cleaning bucket on the right and knock against the table with wig cleaners to drop a bottle. The shop assistant asks you to leave while he’s cleaning. When he’s done, go back inside again and talk to the man.

The man will offer you a free WIG so take the offer. After the conversation, leave the shop and walk to the right. There’s laundry on the line so use the cross to get the DRESS and the CLOTHES LINE down. Use the door to enter the house. In the hallway is a man standing with next to him a blow up doll. Use the thorn on the doll and give the video from the shop to the man. He’ll leave. Use the key on the door on the right to enter Kevin’s house. He’s been there for quite some time.

Look at the TV. On top is the video you need. Take the VIDEO. Use the wig in the sink to wash it. Leave the room and use the door north to leave the building. Pick up the inflatable DOLL and walk north two times to reach the church. Walk to the right three times to return to the tar pit. In your inventory attach the washing line to the comb and throw it at the tree root above the  FLOWER on the other side.

Walk to the left three times and through the gate at the lower left into town. In front of the video store walk to the left and enter the house of Cretin’s. Use the video on the TV to watch the movie. Give the flower to the son. In your inventory dress the blow up doll with the dress and add the wig to it. Show the dressed doll to Mr. Cretin senior.

When he asks you how it was and what you’ve been doing, any answer will do. Then, after not telling the name you always called him, he’ll die. Later, talk to the gravedigger and when he leaves, you’ll watch the hole.

Buried alive you need to get out. Feel around until you find soft soil that’s crumbly (horizontal center, left side). Use the shovel on that part to dig yourself out. Pick some of the long GRASS in the corner of the pillar and take the BALL from the other side. Under the spot is a DUSTSHEET. Take it as well. In your inventory put the ball on the cross and cover it with the sheet. Add the grass as kind of hair.

Hold the sheet covered, football on cross with grass in front of the glass stained window to make the priest leave the church. There will be a fight and when you’ve both had enough, the priest will search the chest for his treasure. Take the golf club from your inventory and hit the priest.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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