The town is looking for a new hero to get the chunky salsa to protect the village.

Walk to the right and talk to Clarke. Talk about the festival, the poster and the election and the fact that there needs to be a new hero. Walk to Joshua minding his tomatoes. Talk to him but as soon as he’s distracted, the bird will take the tomatoes so he doesn’t have time.

Walk to the bakery on the left. Use the door to talk to the baker and ask if he wants to be a hero. He doesn’t but he gives you a loaf of BREAD. Give the bread to the bird on the sign to lure him down and try to catch him but he’ll fly away. At least you got rid of him. In the middle of the breadcrumbs it dropped a shiny thing. Pick up the little KEY and walk to Joshua. He’ll thank you with a TOMATO and then leaves.

Talk to Clarke to hear who could be candidate. Enter the house next to him. Inside is the elder asleep. On the cabinet next to him is an alarm clock. Maybe that will wake him up. Use the small key on the alarm clock and use the clock to wake the man up. You can listen to his story but eventually tell him about the attack.

The man gives you a WAND and then use the door to leave. Go to the left and enter your own home. Talk to your father about the poster and if he wants to be a new hero. Leave the house and walk to the right. Talk to Clarke again and you’ll get the assignment yourself to get the holy salsa. Talk to Clarke again and ask about the Moustacher’s village you need to go to, the holy salsa and any advice. He’ll send you to the Druid. Walk north to see the map and go to the Mustacher’s village on the right. Try to use the door to realize you need a good disguise to enter the city walls of the village.

Walk north again to return to the map and go to the Druids house near the lake. Talk to the Druid and he’ll help you. You need invisible ink. Walk to the right to see the map again and then go to the festival grounds in the south. It’s a wasteland there with a tiny bit of green. Push the cauldron until you can see the weed under it. Take the WEED and walk to the left  and on the map select your own village.

Enter your own house and take the pot of INK from the bookcase. Put the weed on the drying table on the left to dry and once done, leave the house again. Walk north and return to the Druid north. Give the weed and the ink to the druid and he’ll turn it into INVISIBLE INK. Use the ink on yourself to lose the beard and walk to the right. On the map return to the Mustacher’s village.

Use the bell to realize you can’t reach it so use the magic wand on the bell and you’re asked some questions. No matter what reason you give for the visit, you’re allowed in. With the cooks, tell the lanky one about his daughter.Then use the table to start making the recipe. The cooks will describe an ingredient but since one of them is very nasty and can’t be trusted, it’s best to put the ingredients in that you know go into a Chunky Salsa.

Put the red pepper left of the mushroom, the chives to the right of the mushroom, the garlic, the onion, the yellow oil, the salt and pepper and the tomatoes into the bowl. Give the dish from your inventory to the cooks and they’ll taste it. They’ll give you the CHUNKY SALSA. When leaving the cooks, the aliens arrive again.

Once they’re hoovering over the festival field, visit the field as well. Step into the beam and notice that you forgot something. Walk to the left and on the map walk to the Druid near the lake in the north. Talk to the Druid and he’ll tell you what to do. Use the bottle on the lake to take some WATER. Use the filled bottle on yourself to get your beard back.

Walk to the right and visit the festival field again. Step into the beam and talk to AI. When you tell him you have the salsa, you’re teleported into the space ship. Look around and if needed, AI will tell you all about the stuff you can find here. Look at the shower door and he’ll tell you the master is behind it at the moment. On the right of the door are broken pipes that need to be fixed. Take the vertical PIPE and use it on the shower door to prevent the master from getting out.

Ask about the red button and learn that the captive one will be released so push the button and you can take the GIRL. In the giant device in the middle is a purple element. Remove it and the time will start ticking. Pick up the ELEMENT and enter the cockpit on the right. Put the element in the tube left of the window and the pod will power up. Now you need to activate the controls. There are three horizontal levers on the left. The top one should be set to the middle, the middle one should slide to the left, and the bottom one should go to the right.

Two ways to end.

The bad one: you live!

There’s a vertical lever on the left. Slide it down and all controls are activated. Push the red button on the stick in the middle to crash safely. But the girl isn’t happy and so the feud continues.

The good one: you die!

When you’re not in time, the pod will crash and you and the girl will die. But both villages will see you and the girl and live on in piece.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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