We need to make a new hat. So we must find materials and tools to make it. Before you leave the house, take the BREAD and the BUCKET from the worktop. You never know when you might need those. Leave the room at the bottom part of the screen.Fountain of Unicorns:The fountain has magical powers. Let’s take some from it. Use the bucket on the fountain to get the WATER. Walk on to the right of the screen to see where else we can find things to make a new hat. Let’s try the volcano.

There’s Chris. Talk to Chris and learn the way to make a new hat. Chris can give you a kit for it but you must answer some questions first:

The bond villain that killed with a hat: Oddjob
The vilage with 53.000 people: Medicine Hat
The proper name for a princess hat: Hennin

Well done, there’s your KIT. Talk to Chris some more to learn the things you need: silk and a voile. We need to see Blind Seer for the voile, the silk we need to do ourselves. Right. Talk about the silk and you’ll find out that you need a magic loom as well. Thank the ant and we’re on our way.



Let’s visit the lake. A beautiful swan there, but too far to talk to. Maybe we can lure her with a bit of bread. Use the bread on the swan. It gives you something in return: a FLUTE. Talk to the swan. Maybe you can learn about the flute? We’ll go to town.

The village green:

Kids are playing here and there’s beautiful music. Look at the children. They are making a weaving pattern. And what’s the music playing? It’s E, D, C, F, G. There’s a bush too. A mulberry bush. Something’s crawling in it: a silkworm. But you can’t take it yet. We needed a magical bush. So use the magic water from the fountain on the bush. Now it’s a magical bush. And if we wait long enough, the worm will turn into a chrysalis. But we still can’t take it. We need to wait until it leaves the pop. As soon as the butterfly’s flying, we can take it and make it into a SILK THREAD. Onto the next part, the optician.

The optician:

Talk to the optician and ask about his business. The only customer he has is the Blind Seer. And he’s a fashion addict. Then we should pay him a visit and see what the latest fashion looks like.

Blind Seer:

The last house in the street is the one of Blind Seer. Talk to him and ask for the voile. He won’t give you any. Maybe we can make him leave and take it? Tell him about his glasses. So last weeks… Off he goes, to the optician. You can take the VOILE curtain without a problem. Now we need to weave the silk thread on a magical loom. The neighbour of Blind Seer, Griselle has a loom.


Use the silk on the loom. But the loom doesn’t work. It’s not magical. The only thing magical we have left is the flute. But how to use the flute? What to play? Oh wait.. from the green: E, D, C, F, G. So on the flute from the left, the third, the second, the first, the fourth and the fifth. Wow, we have our SILK CLOTH. Time to make our hat.

The hat making:

Use the silk cloth on the making kit. One hat to go. We need to make it into a real one by putting the voile on it. Look at the hat! Marian can fly again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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