[Note: I’ve made a map of this game. ]

You start in a desert and can only see a tent.

GO SOUTH to enter the tent and TAKE SHOVEL. Leave the tent with GO NORTH and back in the sand GO EAST and GO SOUTH. This is a nice place to DIG.

When you LOOK you’ll see you dug up a backpack. TAKE BACKPACK and DROP SHOVEL. Now OPEN BACKPACK to see what’s inside. Something drops out and LOOK to see the flute. TAKE FLUTE. But when you OPEN BACKPACK again, something else drops out. LOOK again to see the flashlight. TAKE FLASHLIGHT.


OPEN BACKPACK once more and more was inside: LOOK and TAKE MATCHES. It looks like the bag of Mary Poppins. OPEN BACKPACK again and LOOK even more inside: TAKE CROWBAR. Now OPEN BACKPACK a final time (really!) and LOOK to TAKE COPPER key. With the backpack being empty you can DROP BACKPACK.

GO EAST to  reach the great pyramid. CLIMB PYRAMID on the outside to see the brass key. TAKE BRASS and GO DOWN again. From here GO EAST to behind the pyramid where there’s a huge brass door.

OPEN DOOR and DROP BRASS. When you LOOK you can see the stairs so ENTER STAIRS to have a look inside the pyramid. It’s very dark here and before any accidents occur, switch your flashlight ON. Apparently you’re in the main chamber.

GO NORTH into a dusty room. So this is where the treasure needs to go. GO NORTH again to  low tunnel and GO UP the tunnel into a workers chamber. You can GO UP even further to the top of the pyramid where you’ll find your first treasure:  TAKE GEMS.

GO DOWN the tunnel to the workers chamber and GO EAST into a tool room. You’ll find a steel key here. TAKE STEEL and GO WEST to the workers chamber and GO DOWN into the tunnel. Now GO SOUTH to the dusty room and DROP GEMS (15/180).

GO SOUTH to the main chamber and GO EAST into the burial room. TAKE TAPESTRY and OPEN SARCOPHAGUS with the crowbar. DROP CROWBAR and ENTER SARCOPHAGUS.

TAKE SWORD and GO DOWN into a musty old room. You can see a crown with jewels but also a dangerous looking mummy. BURN MUMMY and he’ll be no threat anymore. DROP MATCHES and TAKE CROWN.

ENTER PASSAGE to enter the queen’s chamber and TAKE JEWELRY. With our hands full we need to drop off some stuff. GO EAST to the musty old room and GO UP into the sarcophagus. GO UP again to the burial room and GO WEST to the main chamber. GO NORTH to the dusty room.

DROP TAPESTRY (30/180), DROP CROWN (45/180) and DROP JEWELRY (60/180). GO SOUTH to the main chamber and GO EAST into the burial room. GO EAST again into the grand gallery and GO UP into a crawl space. There’s a message on the wall and when you READ WALL you’ll see a command. So when we SAY OPEN, a secret passage is revealed.

ENTER PASSAGE into a secret chamber. TAKE RUBY and GO WEST back into the crawl space. GO DOWN back to the gallery. GO SOUTH into a preparation room and TAKE WATER. From here GO EAST into a hyroglyphic room. There are strange symbols but when you READ SYMBOLS, they make sense (sort of). There’s a magic word and some numbers.

GO SOUTH into a damp room. Not much here so it seems but when you SAY SPHINX, a misty passage opens up. ENTER PASSAGE into a chapel and TAKE CHALACE. From here GO EAST to return to the damp room and GO NORTH into the hyroglyphic room.

GO NORTH into the second part of the gallery and you’ll be faced with a large copper door. Since you have the copper key you can OPEN DOOR and DROP COPPER. With the door open, ENTER HALLWAY and find a huge vault.

When you try to OPEN VAULT you’ll be asked for a combination. You can now enter codes you’ve read earlier and with 777 the door will open.  ENTER VAULT to find gold bars. TAKE GOLD and GO NORTH to return to the hallway.

GO EAST to the end of the hallway and GO NORTH into the cat chamber. There’s a ‘big’ cat here and it looks hungry. But you can tame it with SWING SWORD. The tiger dies…. TAKE CAT and GO SOUTH to return to the end of the hallway.  GO SOUTH again to be blocked by a steel door. Fortunately you also carry this key so OPEN DOOR and DROP STEEL. You can now ENTER ROOM.

In the guard room, the old suit of armor will prevent you when you TAKE DIAMOND.  To get past this metal heap, THROW WATER (but only after the suit has come to life) and the tin man will rust solid. You can now DROP BOTTLE and TAKE DIAMOND.

ENTER HALLWAY to reach the east end of a long hallway with the warning that there’s a sheer drop caused by a fissure. GO DOWN into a subterranean chamber and  TAKE COINS.

GO UP into the east end of the hallway and JUMP to cross the fissure. GO WEST to the west end of the hallway and meet a deadly cobra. PLAY FLUTE and the cobra will be mesmerized and no harm anymore. You can now DROP FLUTE and ENTER PASSAGE into the king’s chamber. TAKE TREASURE and  GO NORTH back to the hallway.

GO EAST to the fissure and JUMP across. Now GO NORTH to the guard room and GO NORTH again to the large room. GO NORTH once more to the end of the hallway and then GO WEST to the middle of the hallway. GO WEST into one end of the gallery and GO WEST again to the other end.

GO WEST into the burial room and GO WEST again to the main chamber. Finally GO NORTH into the dusty room to drop the loot. DROP RUBY (75/180), DROP TREASURE (90/180), DROP SWORD (105/180), DROP CHALACE (120/180), DROP CAT (135/180), DROP COINS (150/180), DROP GOLD (165/180) and finally DROP DIAMOND (180/180).

Now SCORE to finish the game.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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