When you play as Max:

You need to become a better actor. Look at the gutter and use the gutter to get it out. Now you have a MATCH. Enter the Pizza Place and look around. Next to the counter is a peanut box where you can take a free PEANUT. Use the peanut on yourself to eat the peanut and keep the shell.

Talk to the pizza woman behind the counter. Order a pizza if you like, the delivery isn’t very fast. Look at the door behind the counter. Talk to the girl again and tell her there’s a man in the ladies toilet. She’ll leave and now you can use the door again. You’ll find some RUBBING ALCOHOL in there. Take it and then use the match from your inventory on the decorative tyre. This will light the match. Leave the pizza place.

Walk to the left and enter the grocery shop. Talk to the man behind the counter. Use the waste bin in the middle of the room to find a piece of STRING. In your inventory use the rubbing alcohol on the peanut shell. It’s flamable now. Use the string on the peanut shell. It looks like an explosive now. Use the lit match on the  peanut shell with string and you have a flamable explosive. Use this on the cigarette holder on the counter, if you can reach it, and hide!


The explosion made that a SUPERACT FORMULA fell on the ground. Pick it up and use it on yourself. Now you can do another audition.

When you play as Maggie:

Talk to the shady looking guy. Ask what he’s doing and eventually ask for a pinhead. The man is insulted. You have to find another way to ask it. Enter the library.

Straight ahead is a dictorionary and a thesaurus. You already know the word so dictionary isn’t usefull. You’d like another word for pinhead. Use the thesaurus on the right and enter the word ‘pinhead’. Another word, ‘safety pin’ will be returned.

Leave the library and talk to the shady man again. Now you can ask him for a safety pin. He’ll give the SAFETY PIN to you. Use the safety pin on the tyre to cut a little piece of RUBBER out of the tyre. On the street is a piece of WIRE. Pick it up and use the rubber on the wire to insulate it. You can now folter that British jury member.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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