Day 1:

After the intro, go to your front door and talk to Jim Burdo standing there. He won’t let you in so your only option is to look for Nishanti in the park. Exit the screen on the left and select the park.

Walk past the dog-field to the left of the screen to the fountain. When you stand by the lamppost a dog will come after you. Walk around the post so the dog gets tangled in his leash and starts barking. Nishanti will come to you. Talk to her until you leave for your apartment.

Enter your apartment and browse until the phone rings. Pick up the phone and listen to Dr. Quinten. After the conversation, leave the apartment and enter the elevator. Select the hospital.


On the right side of the screen you’ll find the reception. Ask the receptionist for the doctor. Show him the letter and you’ll go straight to the doctors office. Talk to him. At the end you can go back to your own apartment. Pick up the envelope on the doorstep and open it. You’ll find a lot of letters and a few pictures. Put the envelope away and the phone will ring. Listen to the assignment. Exit the apartment and head for the dorm.

Second door on the left is Adrian. Talk to him about everything. The leave for the fifth door on the left where Kelly, JoAnn’s roommate lives. Talk to her too about everything but stay honest to get the most information. When you’re done, go back to Adrian again and ask him about “JoAnn slept all night”. He’ll tell the truth about Kelly. When the conversation is over, take a look at your notebook again and use Kelly sleeps elsewhere with JoAnn slept all night. This will give you a clue. Back to Kelly to ask her again. Confront her and you’ll get all the answers. Even a picture! With all that info, back to your apartment.

Use the computer to write your article and when finished look at the picture on the TV. Leave the room and head for the hospital to see Dr. Quentin again. Ask him about the headaches but you won’t get much info. Back to your apartment to pay a visit to Nishanti to get to know her a bit more. Talk to her about everything and give the dog a biscuit in the end. Now back to your own apartment.

Meet Joe. At least you’re headaches are gone. Talk to Joey and he’ll take you to the dogpark. Meet another ghost. Stay friendly and use your charm to get the most info out of the ghost. In the end, you’ll turn home to end the day.

Day 2:

When you wake up, Joey is there also. Talk to him. Make sure he’ll tell you about his powers. You know when he’ll blow the curtains. When conversation is over, head to the park to talk to the ghost again. You’ll learn about Deacon. Go back to the dorm again and talk to Kelly. Ask her about Deacon. Also ask her about the girls in the picture and she’ll give you two names. Look at the bulletin-board in her room by right-clicking on it. You’ll see three pictures of which one is of Susan Davenport. Ask Kelly about Davenport. Ask Kelly to use her phone. While holding the phone, click on Joey. You’ll make a conversation with him. Ask him to distract Kelly. As soon as he does click on the notebook to pick it up.

Leave the room and open the notebook. You’ll get two notes, one with drawings, another with text. Associate Alexander with Davenport. Leave the dorm and go back to the ghost in the park. Talk to the ghost again and confront her with the names you got from Kelly. Now you’ll learn the last names of the two girls but other than that there’s not much. You’ll have to do some research yourself. Back to your apartment to browse the Internet.

Start your computer and do some research. You’ll learn that Alli was into Ouija boards, Susan was in the hospital for suicide and Alexander Davenport was in the University hockey team. When done with the computer, take a look at your notepad again and combine Deacon with Ouija boards. Enough to talk to some people again. First let’s go to the ghost in the park.

Talking to Alli about the Ouija and Deacon tells you that they tried to summon The Deacon. So that’s a confirmation. On to the hospital. Try to see Susan. While talking to the guard, you need a name that’s on the list to get in. But all people you know are dead or male. See your notepad and combine Alexander Davenport with Adrian. Now you’ve got a girls name: Alex Davenport. Tell that to the guard and you’re in! See Susan and talk to her about Ouija Boards. Then, when she believes you and is willing to talk, ask her about all the other girls. You’ll notice that Alli loves dogs. Leave Susan and notice that it’s night now. You can’t go to the dorm at this time. Back again to Susan. She’ll tell you about her pills. Take them with you. Now you’ve got pills, dogs and Alli. Maybe that combination can do something. But how to get a dog to Alli? Nishanti’s got one. Let’s go there.

At Nishanti’s place, use the pill on a cookie. If you don’t have one, ask Nishanti in the kitchen. Out of sight from Nishanti, give the cookie to the dog. You’ll be asked to walk the dog to the park. How convenient! Talk to Alli and help her to go to the other world.

So the one place left to go now is the hospital. When you get there you’ll hear that visiting hours are over. You’ll need another way to get in. Go to the guard and stand close to the desk. Joey will interfere with the radio and as soon as the guard will adjust the radio you can grab the keys of the fuse-box. Take them to the fuse-box on the wall left of the elevator. Open it and pull the switch. The guard will get up. Quickly hide next to the phone and as soon as the guard has passed you, walk in to the hospital to Susan. When you arrive here, the Deacon will appear. Talk to the Deacon or let Joey do the work. In both ways, you’ll end up with the Deacon and the Demon. Talk to the Demon first. Then ask the Deacon about his sins. Talk about his flask. Use your notepad and use both together. Then tell the Deacon to drop the flask. When it’s on the floor, pick up the cobble and drop it on the flask. It will break. The Demon will go and the Deacon can go to the other world.

A happy end.

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