You’re late for school and have to rush. But before you leave you need to pick up a few items left behind somewhere….

Your room:

In the middle of the room is a DISCMAN. But what should we listen to? On the desk, to the right of the computer and next to the pen and paper is a TAPE. Now that we’re here, take a look at the paper. There’s a note left behind of your girfriend. Correction…. ex-girlfriend. To the right of the bed is a yellow SCHOOLBAG. Pick it up and leave the room through the door on the left into the bathroom.

Take the TOILET PAPER with you. You never know. Take the SOAP from the sink and use the sink to wash your hands. Damn, that pipe came loose. Now you can’t use the sink anymore. Leave the bathroom through the door that’s south of the sink. Since the room doesn’t have a door to the outside, use the left part of the window. No, answer the phone first, then go outside.


The Garden:

Once out, use the schoolbag to see what’s in it. Wow, only a pair of SCISSORS. Hey, now that we have the scissors, let’s cut some of the FLOWERS. And while we’re at it, why not cut the garden HOSE that’s on the floor on the right? But you can only take a small piece of it. Use the door on the right to leave the garden and select the red block, the restaurant on the map.

The Restaurant:

It’s very quiet in here. When someone shouts from the back and asks if you’re the new waiter, just play along. Yes, you’re the new guy and yes, you know what to do, don’t you? You’re not here for the job, you’re here for the sign that’s hanging on the red/yellow wall. Try to take it and you’ll end up with CHOPSTICKS. Use the door again to leave and on the map choose the brown block at the waterside: The Rivers.

The Rivers:

It seems a nice boathouse or …. it has been a nice boathouse. Try to enter it. Looking for the door? It on the left side of the white balcony. Use that door to get inside. Look at the painting. It’s not your style. But still, try to use it and you’ll find a KEY was hidden behind it. Check the jacket and the doormat only to find there’s nothing of value. Against the door is a note. Read the note.  Back at 12:00. That gives you some time. Pick up the NOTE to find the keyhole underneath. Use the key on the door to open it. Use the door to go to the next room.

Use the scissors on the telephone line to prevent from being disturbed.  Enter the kitchen throught the door on the left. Look around, enough appliances to play with. On top of the dishwasher is a tool shed. Look at it to discover what’s inside. Take the WRENCH (leave the PLAYBOY, pervert!) Leave the kitchen again though the black hole in the upper right of the screen.

In the hall go up the stairs. Admire the carpet and use the door on the left to the bedroom. Look at the computer. Try to guess the password… nah, that’s not gonna work. Examine the closet. Search through the clothes untit you find a box. Take the box out of the closet and use it to look inside. Hmm. Since it won’t open right away, you decide to take the BOX with you. Leave the room through the blue star door and walk down the stairs on the south. Use the door on the south side to go back to the other hallway. From there use the door to outside on the right.

On the map select the gey block: Jim’s house.

Jim’s house: 

Use the window to the room to enter your own apartment again. Then use the door on the left to go to the bathroom. We’ve got some repairing to do. Use the wrench on the loose pipe under the sink. Now you can at least use the sink again. Use the hose in your inventory on Mary’s box in your inventory and use that on the sink. The box is completely detroyed and revealed some interesting NOTES. Look at the notes to dicover a CALENDAR. Now that’s interesting. Leave the bathroom and go to the study by using the door on the south.

Use the computer and select the option to make some copies of the calendar. Now you have a PILE OF PHOTOCOPIES. Leave the room again through the window and use the door on the right side of the garden to go to the map. From there select the Park.

The Park:

Not much space to move here but since the park is use by a lot of people, it’s the ideal place to spread some gossip. Use the photocopies on the stairs. There’s your girlfriend. Talk to her. Ask her about her motives and when she asks for the photocopies she can have them….. can she?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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