You must deliver the parcel to John Waters.

Talk to Dan at the dock and ask for John. He doesn’t know any John but suggests you look in the pub or church. Ask him where you can find these locations and he’ll give you directions. Walk to the right twice and talk to the guard outside the bar. Ask him to let you in but he won’t without any valid ID.

Walk into the alley left of the bar and you’ll find a pirate. Talk to the pirate to take his ID-CARD, he won’t need it any time soon.  Walk to the north to leave the alley and talk to the guard again. Tell him you have your ID but he thinks it’s fake because the picture doesn’t match.

Walk to the left and go north to the church. Talk to the priest and try to take the wine. It will go all over the floor. The priest will ask you to get Dan. Walk to the right to leave the church. At the town center take the cover from the manhole. It will fall into the manhole.

Walk to the left and  talk to Dan. Tell him the priest needs him and he’ll leave right away. Walk to the right to find Dan in the manhole. Talk to him and you’ll try to rescue him. You’ll end up with the head of the MOP. Use the head of the mop on your own head as wig and walk to the right. Talk to the guard again and tell him you have your ID.  You can now enter the pub.

Inside a man will keep his ears covered because of the noise. You need to get rid of that first. Walk to the right to the monkey on stage. Keep talking just as long until he disappears. That’s quite a long time. Then talk to the man at the table. Ask him if he’s John Waters. He’ll send you back to the church. There you’ll find John. But not as you had hoped  to find him.

Your package will open and explain everything. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about John, the ghosts and the package. You need to get rid of the ghost. Take John Waters’ SKULL from the bottom shelf on the left and use the skull on the crack in the wall where water drips out. This will cause a flood that takes care of the ghost. But if he’s happy with that…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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