You have to find out what cause the sea to freeze. Hover to the lighthouse and use the door to enter it. Talk to the dogtor. Ask him about the machine. So that’s what froze everything. Ask him if there’s a way of disabeling the machine. This is where the dogtor hesitates. Look at the papers on the desk.  These are the notes but the dogtor won’t let you near them. Wonder what’s on them..

Use the ladder to go upstairs in the lighthouse. Professor Whiskers is lying on the lamp while he actually shouldn’t. Use Whiskers to take him off the lamp. Now that the CAT is off, he’ll get cold. It keeps meowing about it. Pick up the sack with FLOUR. Use the sack on the cat to keep him warm. Use the ladder again to  go downstairs.

Now we need to get the dogtor away from his notes. Leave the lighthouse and outside you can use the large bush to get a STICK. Go back inside again and talk to the dogtor. Ask him if he’s willing to fetch a stick. He is so you must find a good spot to hide the stick.

Leave the lighthouse and first follow the path to the inland (south) and then to the left . There’s a large pile of sticks. Look at it to find out what it’s for. Use your stick on the pile of sticks and the dogtor will never find it. Return to the lighthouse, go inside and talk to the dogtor again. Tell him the stick is in place.

The dogtor will leave and search the stick. He has found the spot right away but to find the right stick he uses a scientific approach. That’ll keep him for a while.

Use the PAPERS from the tabe. Look at the papers in your inventory to find out how to destruct the machine. It’s in the ventilation. On the left of the machine, just below the keyboard is a grating. That must be of the ventilation. Use the flour on the grating to block the fan. That will end it all… litteraly

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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