To become a pirate, the leopard wants you to do a few simple tasks. The first one is to get a scarf.

Walk to the left twice and find the dead pirate. He had a SCARF and doesn’t need it anymore. Pick it up and go two screens to the right again, back to the leopard. Talk to him and get your next assignment: get the sword from the cave of evil.

Walk to the left and then to the south. There’s an oar by the boat. Take the OAR and go north. Use the oar on the coconut tree to get a coconut out. Go back to the south and put the oar back to the boat. North again to pick up the COCONUT and south again to use the coconut on the rock. You’re covered with cocomilk now. Walk to the south and to the right. Climb the tree to get the HONEY out. Since you’re covered with coconut milk, the bees won’t harm you.

Walk to the left twice and use the honey on the dead pirate. The ants in the tree smell it and will eat the sweet stuff. Not only do they eat the honey, they also eat the pirate, leaving his skull behind. Take the SKULL. It looks pretty evil. Go back to the right and then to the north. There’s the cave but something is blocking the entrance.


The three monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil are guarding the cave. Give the skull to the first of the three, the see no evil. Once it sees the evil, it’ll disappear. Walk to the south and then to the left. On the tree is a branch and once you take the BRANCH, it looks and sounds like a flute. Sounds evil too! Walk to the right and to the north and give the flute to the monkey on the right.

Give the flute to the monkey on the left and once he listens to the evil sound, it’ll disappear also. You don’t have use for the branch anymore so you toss it away leaving a SPLINTER behind. Take the splinter out and use it on the last monkey. That’s a lot of evil talk for a monkey who speaks no evil…

It’ll disappear as well and you can enter the cave. Talk to the snake. They’ve been expecting you. Mr. Leopard didn’t mention the snake protecting the snake. He only told you about the sword. Leave the cave and walk to the right. Talk to Mr. Leopard and ask him about the snake. You should keep him on a distance.

Walk to the left again and to the south to reach the boat. Take the OAR again and walk to the south. Then to the north two times and enter the cave again. Use the oar on the snake to threaten him and you’ll be able to get the SWORD. The oar has to go back to the boat again and this time you put the oar in the boat. Put the sword in the boat as well, since you’ve got no use for it now. Time to go back to Mr. Leopard.

Tell Mr. Leopard you’ve got the sword. Now there are two things left to do. Make a fire and find a boat. The boat thing is easy, the fire not. A pirate should have a lens to use with the sun. All we know is a dead pirate. Let’s check it out. Walk to the left until you’ve reached the dead pirate.

Search the pirate and find a LENS in his pockets. What did the leopard say about burning? Use the lens on the ants on the tree to set the tree on fire. It attracts another pirate ship who will wait for you. At least, they think it’s Bill.

Walk to the right and to the south to the boat. You’ve got your scarf, sword and boat so you’re ready to go. Use the boat and you’ll row to the big ship. They’ll let you on board because they think you’re a very brave monkey. A pirate monkey.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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