You should bring groceries to your grandmother.

Go to the right and talk to the old lady that lived in a shoe. Ask for your basket and ask her what smells so good. Then walk further to the right. Dorothy is locked up. Talk to her and after you asked if she needed help, the wicked witch will drop an APPLE. Pick it up (1/1) and go further to the right. It’s the entrance of a cave and you;ll end up in the dark and find Jack jumping but he lost his candlestick.

Walk to the left five times and find Miss Muffet. She’ll kill a spider. Talk to her and a giant spider will pick her up. Take the dead SPIDER from the ground (1/2) and take your BASKET from the tuffet (1/3). Walk further to the left to meet Rapunzal in her tower. Talk to her and learn how she gets food. Go to the left and look at the house of Jack Sprat. The door in the middle leads to the dining room. There’s Jack licking his plate.  Enter there.

On the table are GRAPES that you can take if you try several times (1/4). Leave the house and walk to the left. There’s a haystack. Use the haystack to take some HAY (1/5). Walk to the north and meet the seven dwarfs. They have some cheese for you if you know their names. So select Dopey, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, Doc and Bashful. Then select “Your names are” at the bottom. You can now pickup the CHEESE (1/6).

Walk to the left again and there’s the castle of King Cole. Walk north to find the guards. Talk to them several times and when the green dwarf passes, the guards will go after him (there are a lot of them). You can walk to the entrance. Now a giant is guarding the entrance.

Go to the right and find a very dark dungeon. You’ll put some flowers down and one of the troopers will put down a PINEAPPLE. When you pick it up (1/7), you’ll redo the dungeon and the troopers will love it. They will put a POTATO, BANANA and CARROTS on the table. Quickly take them (3/10) before Darth Vader shows up.

Walk to the south and go left twice, past the lake into a field of broccoli and full of frogs. Bo Peep lost her sheep and got a lot of frogs in return. On the front row there will be a broccoli you can take. But you have to talk twice the the frog sitting next to it first. Then you can take the BROCCOLI (1/11) and the FROG (1/12).

Walk to the right three times and someone will get out of the haystack. Ask for a fishing rod and you’ll be sent to Jack Sprat. Walk to the right and use the shed next to the house to enter. There’s a lot of stuff to take here: on the left is an EXTINGUISHER (1/13). Above it is a box of MATCHES (1/14) and a CANDLE (1/15). On the bottom shelf id a red TOOLBOX (1/16). Look at the toolbox in your inventory to find two LURES inside (1/17). Pick up the STOOL (1/18) on the left and use the stool on the ground below the kitchen knife block. Use the red shoe icon to climb the stool and when you stand on the worktop take the bottom ROD (1/19). Use the red shoe icon on the stool again to climb down. Leave the shed and walk to the right to reach the tower of Rapunzal.

You can see a dwarf climb in her hair. Talk to the tower to get Rapunzal out and when she ask her name, tell her it’s Rapunzal. You can now climb up and get into the tower. Talk to her and learn about the hay and gold. Give her your straw and she’ll turn it into a yellow/gold SUBMARINE (1/20). Talk some more and ask for food so you can take the ORANGES (1/21). Now you’ll leave the tower.

Walk to the right three times to meet the granny in the shoe again. She’ll ask about your basket and you can take the BREAD by walking behind the yellow shoe (1/22). Walk to the right three times to visit Jack inside the cave. Use the candle on the ground (1/23) and use the matches on the candle to light up the cave. Now Jack can jump the candle and will turn himself on fire. Use the extinguisher on Jack to put out the flames (1/24) and he’ll give you a POTION (1/25).

Walk to the left 9 times until you’re in front of the castle. Put the frog on the ground and use the potion on yourself (1/26). Use the lips icon to kiss the frog and there’s your prince. Walk to the left to do some fishing. Use the lure on the rod and use the rod on the lake. Eventually you’ll catch a FISH (1/27). Walk to the left twice to reach Granny’s house. Use the food icon in your inventory in the basket and all the food you collected will go in the basket (1/28).

Use the front door to enter the house and talk to Granny. She can’t sleep. Use the bottom mattrass to see what’s bothering her and find the PEA (1/29). Put the basket with food on the table on the right (5/34). Walk to the south to leave the house.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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