You need to get the beauty potion for the witch.

She gives you a pair of ROLLERSKATES. Leave the house and go to the city of Kleitos. Go into the shop on the right and talk to the stylist. She knows the recipe but only gives it to her daughter. So you need to look like her daughter. Fortunately the stylist tells you where to find her.

Leave the shop and climb the vines against the wall to stand in the window sill. You can’t take the book but you can read the page it’s on: to become another person you need the hair and a piece of clothing and drop it from a cliff. Use the window sill to climb down and leave the city on the right.

Walk to the docks at the bottom. Talk to the  dock master and learn that there’s a pants party going on and you can only enter the beach with pants on. Use the rollerskates on the beach to whoosh past the master and onto the beach. The girl sunbathing is the girl you’re after.


Use the girl to take some of her HAIR and take some of the red KOOL-AID from the table. Use the red fluid on the sunbathing girl to give her a good tan and you’ll return to the map automatically. Walk back to the docks on the left and find a pair of pants  on the ground. Pick up the PANTS andclimb the tower to the cliff on the right.

First drop the hair from the edge of the cliff, followed by the pants. In return you’ll get the bottle with POTION. Climb down the tower and leave the docks on the right. On the map go to the city of Kleitos. In front of the Beauty Contest building, use the potion to turn into the daughter of the stylist.

You’ll automatically go over to stylist and get the recipe from her. Then you’ll return to the witch and give it to her. She’ll miss one ingredient and she’ll send you to another location to get the specific flower. Of course you can’t just take the flower. The brother and sister are going to battle over it and you must find a way to stop the battle.

Talk to the bird on the cage and the brother will tell you about the battle moves. Tell the bird to drop the nuclear bombs and the bird will fly away. Now you can take its place but you need to look like it first.

Walk into the tent on the left and talk to the sister. She’ll tell you about the girlfriend of the brother. Ask for the feather but you can’t have it. Leave the tent and pick up the tent flap of the entrance. The fanning lady will run off, dropping the FEATHER. But it’s green. Take the BLUE DYE from the stand on the lower left and use the bird cage on the right to climb up.

When the brother asks for the right battle move, tell him to forgive the sister and forget about the flower. They’ll go home and you can have the flower.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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