You must rescue the Koalas from the Badgers. You go undercover as a cleaner that’s why you got the SPONGE. Talk to Kimbi. Ask all you want to know about your ship and the planet you’re on now. Kimbi will tell you.

Now let’s go to work. Move to the door and use the sponge to take the DIRT from the floor. Use the door to go outside. On your path is a CLOTH. Pick it up and look around. Where does the snow come from? Walk to the left. There’s a large PEBBLE. Take it, you might need it. Walk to the south. Use the door on the VP building.

It’s locked for maintenance. Next to the sign is a NOTE. Pick it up and read it in your inventory. You need a clean cloth, got that, need to fold it and cover it, then blow it in the wind. Use the cloth on the sponge to make it wet. Then use the cloth on the rock. You blow it in the wind and… nothing happened? Or… ? Just close your inventory and see.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.


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