NOTE: This walkthrough will guide you to the adventurous ending, although there are 4 others.

Chapter 1 – Into the palace:

Walk to the left on the crossing to find large nut trees. Take the NUT from the ground (1/1) and walk to the right back to the intersection. Walk to the right and see four beehives. Use the second one to get an empty HONEYCOMB (1/2) and use the fourth to take a dead BEE (1/3).

Walk back to the intersection on the left and north towards the castle. The door is locked. When you talk to the window, a person appears, telling you to find the entrance on the side. Walk to the right side of the castle and use the door on the upper left. You’ll find a guard here.Talk to the guard and ask to go through but only the ones attending the ceremony can pass. Talk some more to learn that you need proof, a token, to enter.

Walk south and pick up the BOWL from the table on the lower right (1/4) and a piece of CANDY from the table on the lower left (1/5). Walk further south and take the HORN from the damaged helmet (1/6). Use the stairs on the left to go to the top of the tower.  Use the nut on the tower roof below you (1/7) and use the ladder to return to the floor below.

Walk north and in the round room use the doorway on the north. In front of the guard use the exit on the right and once outside walk to the south. In front if of the castle is now the NUTSHELL (1/8) and the NUTMEAT (1/9) for you to pick up.  Walk south and use the metal bowl from your inventory on the pool left or right of the walkway to get some WATER (1/10).

Walk north back towards the tower and pass it on the left side now. Use the doorway to go inside and talk to the acolyte. Learn about the king and how to earn credit. Use the doorway on the right side of the altar to enter another room and find a press inside. Put the nutmeat in the upper compartment (1/11) and the horn from the helmet in the lower compartment (1/12). Use the press handle to squeeze the MILK out of the meat and into the horn (1/13).

In your inventory put the candy in the bowl with water to try to dissolve it (1/14). Put the bowl on the apparatus on the table to warm it (1/15) and add the fake honeycomb to it to get some sticky SYRUP (1/16). Walk through the doorway on the right and walk further south. In the round room there’s a BRUSH on the floor. Pick it up (1/17) and in your inventory use the brush with gold paint on the dead bee (1/18). Stick the gilded bee on the sticky comb and your offering is ready (1/19).

Leave the room on the left and in the construction site move the board on the floor to uncover the hole. Use the ladder to climb up and use the ladder again to climb down on the other side. Talk to the second cell door and ask about the noise and who she is and why she is locked up. You need to help.

Pick up the HAMMER next to the egg on the right (1/20).  Use the hammer on the second cell door to set the prisoner free (1/21). It’s not what you think it was and after the prisoner has left, pick up the green SHINY THING (1/22) that she dropped where the ladder was. Look at it in your inventory to see it’s a pendant.

Next to the open cell door is a BONE. Pick it up (1/23) and use it on the door opening the shaft in the pillar in the middle of the room (1/24). Use the ladder on the ground to put it in place (1/25) and use the ladder again to climb down. You’re back in the round room.

Walk north and put the comb with bee on the table in front of the shrine (1/26). Add the horn with milk to the table (1/27) and you’ll receive a TOKEN (1/28).  Leave the room on the right and walk south to the front of the castle. Walk to the right side and use the entrance on the upper left to return to the guard. Show the token and you’re allowed to enter the palace.

Chapter 2 – The setup:

Show the token to the maid on the left and learn about the ceremony. Talk to the maid to learn more about her and the king. Walk north behind the throne into a room. Talk to the vizier behind the desk but he’s in no mood. Show the token to him and he’ll make some inquiries  about you.

When standing with the maid in the throne room again, walk north behind the throne again and talk to the vizier again. Learn all about squaring circles, Goptod and dragon slaying but do not ask about the accursed land. So dragon slaying it is. When asking to get some equipment, the vizier gives you a RING (2/30) to show and you’ll get your supplies.

Walk south and talk to the maid. Ask her about the tasks and her promotion. She’ll tell you about the Great Chronicle.  Then walk to the right and show the ring to the smith. Then talk to him about weapons and eventually he’ll give you a SHIELD FRAME (1/31) and a BREAD KNIFE (1/32).  Leave the room on the left and walk behind the chairs on the right to visit the mage.  Show the ring to the mage and talk to him about potions, magic and dragons. In the end you’ll have an OIL POD (1/33) and a plain STAFF (1/34).

Walk south to return to the circular room and walk behind the chairs on the left. Here’s the archive and when you show the ring to the archivist it isn’t important. Talk to the archivist about dragons and Goptod. You’ll get the location of the last known dragon (1/35) and the location of the temple of Goptod (1/36). Ask her to see the Great Chronicle and use the book to have a look. You’ll find a HIEROGLYPH (1/37). Walk to the south twice and start your quest.

Chapter 3 – Questing:

Standing in front of the castle, walk south. Pull the rope from the tower and when the man asks you, tell him you’re on a dragon slaying quest. Ask him about his work and he’ll tell you about the heir to the throne. Show the hieroglyph to the man and he’ll give you a SCRIBBLE instead (1/38). Ask him about his reaction. He’ll tell you about the disgraced Mage and the location.

Pick up the ROPE (1/39), walk to the left and north into the temple. Use the oil pod on the idol head (1/39). You can then ask the idol a question. Use the keyboard underneath and ask all you can. But you won’t get any further with the answers. A rock will fall from the ceiling so pick up the ROCK (1/41) and hit the idol head with it.

Take the DISK that was under the statue (1/42) and the former HEADGEAR on the right (1/43). Walk south to leave the temple and to the right to return to the tower.Walk to the right again and use the odd patch of ground to reveal a secret entrance (1/44). Use the trapdoor to go underground and find the disgraced Mage.

Show her the ring (1/45) and talk to her and ask for help with your quest. Tell her you want to bring peace and accept her offer to receive a SACK with inside a vial with potion (1/46). Walk to the left to leave the dungeon and left again to return to the tower. Go north and at the pools walk to the left. At the nut trees walk further to the left and end up in the desert. There are several strange outcrops in the desert.

Use the pendant on the outcrop on the left and you’ll be guided north. Walk north and use the pendant on the outcrop on the left again. This time you’re directed to the west. Repeat the process and this time there’s no pattern so keep walking left. Repeat the process (left, left, left, north, north, left, left (you’ll reach a row of cacti), north, north and you’ll reach a cactus door.

Walk through the door on the left and you’ll be regarded as an intruder. Bribe Huuh by giving him the sack with vial (1/47), the disk (1/48) and the scribble (1/49). It all makes sense to Huuh now. After he’s gone, pick up the DISK (1/50), the frying PAN (1/51) and the DOLL (1/52). Use the pan on the dead cactus in the back on the left (1/53) and then put the doll in the firepit to light it (1/54). Quickly use the lit doll on the pan under the cactus and the cactus will make your exit (1/55). Walk north to leave the enclosure.

You’ll return to where you started and walk south from there until you can’t go further. Walk to the left until you reach rocks and then go north. You’ll see the tail of a snake. Follow the tail until you reach the head. Use the knife on the head to cut it off (1/56). Under the head were worms having a meal so use the bucket on the WORMS to take them (1/57).

Use the staff on the head to pierce it (1/58) and then use the disk (1/59) and the shield frame (1/60) on the head to create a cart. Now you need to find a way to take it back to the castle. Walk to the left four times to find a huge bird. Feed the worms to the bird twice (1+1/62) to lure it to the cart and catch the bird with the rope (1/63).

Give some more worms to the bird to set the cart in motion (1/64).

Chapter 4 – The payoff:

The vizier will thank you (1/65) and give you some COINS (2/67).

Chapter 5 – Epilogue:

The vizier will instruct everyone and you are rewarded with a SCROLL (1/68) to become accredited adventurer.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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