You have three minutes to get to your date.

Use the elevator door to find it’s not accessible. But behind the desk is the key so try to take it. The man behind the desk won’t let you. Talk to the lady in the isle. She talks a lot but when you mention the guy behind the desk, she;s gone. And so is the man behind the desk. Take the KEY from the wall and use the key on the lock of the elevator to go upstairs.

When the list won’t go further, walk north into the room on the left. The window is your chance to get higher but the guy watching TV won’t let you. Use the bookshelf to get the AUDIOBOOK of Hitchcock. Give the book to the guy and he’ll be distracted. Use the window to go through and reach the top of the roof.

It’s the wrong building. But there’s a ROPE on the roof. Pick it up and wait for a plane to pass. Quickly use the rope on the plane and it’ll take you to the other building.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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