You’re stuck in the elevator.

Use the cassette player until the antenna comes off. Then pick up the ANTENNA. There’s still a piece of CABLE stuck between the doors so take it out. Use the antenna with the panel with buttons and it will rip a corner of the panel. Use the wire from your inventory with the wires in the ripped corner to take out the power. Only one button is still lit. Use the button and the elevator will move again.

Once the elevator has stopped again, take the piece of PAPER from the floor and use it with the antenna in your inventory. Then put the combination in the puddle of oil on the floor and wrap the cable around the oiled paper/antenna. Hold the makeshift torch against the flashing light on the ceiling above the opening and you have a light. Use the opening on the right side of the elevator to climb out.

Walk to the right and talk to the bum next to the fire. After some time the bum is too hungry to talk to you and you must find him some food. Walk to the left again and look at the pile of rubbish under the grate until you find the rat that the bum could eat. Talk to the bum again and tell him there’s meat in the pile of junk. The bum will leave his spot. Look at the shopping trolley to find a pack of CIGARETTES, a dirty HANDKERCHIEF and a BOTTLE with some kind of alcohol inside.

Walk to the left and use the opening in the elevator cabin to return inside. Use the handkerchief with the bottle to create a molotov cocktail and use it on the fire on the right to light the ammunition. Use the hole in the cabin to leave the elevator and walk to the right. When standing left of the bum, just right from the sewer pipe in the ceiling, you can see the edge of the barrel with fire. Use the molotov cocktail with the barrel to blow up the place.

After the explosion, pick up the HOOK from the floor, under the broken bottle.  Look at the hand sticking out from the rubble. Use the hand to get the SAFETY PIN out. Use the hole on the right to crawl through and see what’s on the other side: a little office. Try to open the drawers and lockers to find them locked. Use the safety pin with the drawer of the desk. Inside you’ll find a KEY and a BONBON. Use the key with the cabinet on the left and find a ROPE and a SCREWDRIVER. Walk to the left and in your inventory tie the hook to the rope. Attach the hook to the bar under the hole in the roof and use the rope to leave the room. You’ll enter the street in front of a bus station.

Talk to Atil at the bus stop and ask him for money. But he wants something in return. Give him a cigarette and he’ll give you some MONEY. Walk to the right and talk to the bum lying in front of the shop. He thinks you stole his money. Give him the money. In return he tells you to look in the bushes. Walk to the left again and use the bushes left of the bus stop to find a FLOWER.

Give the flower to the lady on the bench and in return you’ll get a CANDY CANE. Put the sticky cane in the trash can next to the bus stop and you’ll get a CAP and some CHEWING GUM out. Look at the cap in your inventory and see there’s a number in it. Walk all the way to the right and enter the shop. Talk to the lady behind the counter and try to get a date. Give her the bonbon and you’re asked to return in the evening. Give her the Fanta cap and you’ll win a GLASS.

Leave the shop again and look at hydrant. Use the hydrant to remove the pebble and some water will flow from the hydrant. Use the glass to catch the WATER. Give the glass with water to the lady in the newspaper stall and you can choose your reward: a comic or a ticket. Ask for the TICKET.

[Note: If you take the comic, you can use the candy again to get another cap, win another glass, get some more water and give it to the newspaper lady again but then the game will crash.]

Walk to the left to the bus stop and look at the notification under the sign. Right on time for the bus. Inside, use the ticket with the ticket machine on the left pole. Then try to get the wallet on the chair on the right but the old lady wants you to push the button because she wants to get out. So you better push the red button. The lady wished she’d never asked.

After the crash, walk to the left to find a ghost-like creature. Talk to the monster to learn about the man in the crate and where to find the boss. Talk to the crate to find out that the boss can help you and that you need a password for it. But the one in the crate will tell you the password if you can give him some water.

Walk to the left and look at the aquarium. In the middle is a screw loose. Use the screwdriver on it and out comes some water. But you need a way to carry it. In the hole behind the one that’s getting all the water is your SCREW. Pick it up. Walk further to the left and meet the bum from the sewer again. Talk to him to learn that he’s grateful you blew up the sewer. He now has a job. Walk further to the left and use the huge doors to enter the castle.

Talk to the third hole from the left and try to get inside. Tell the guard you need to talk to the boss for some business affairs. But he won’t let you in unless you’ve got the password. Walk south to leave the building and go to the right. Enter the bar. On the corner of the bar is a BOTTLE. Pick it up. Use the tablecloth on the round table to tear a piece of the CLOTH. Walk to the right to enter the kitchen. Use the chewing gum from your inventory in the waffle maker to make it a flat gum. Walk to the left to leave the kitchen and use the door of the WC to enter. Hold the flattened gum in front of the dryer and it will look like a bar of chocolate, but pink.

Use the door on the left to leave the toilet and use the door on the left again to leave the bar. Walk to the north, then right and find a cleaner at work. It’s Rake. Talk to him and tell him it’s not very clean. He’ll tell you you have to look around very carefully. Walk to the left and you’re at the crashed bus again. This time there’s a BONE next to the bus. Pick it up and walk to the left twice to return to the aquarium. Use the bone as glass on the water and walk to the right.

Use the bone with water on the lower right corner of the crate and the man inside will tell you the password. Walk to the left twice. Under the bridge is some dark brown substance. Use the pink bar from your inventory with it and it will look like a real chocolate bar. Use the bottle from the bar on the sewer tank on the left to fill it with dirty water. Try to walk past the bum and he’ll stop you. Talk to him to learn about the things that were stolen from him:  a hanky, cigarettes, booze and a pin. Walk further to the left and use the huge doors again to enter the building.

Talk to the third hole from the left and give the right password. Talk to the repairman. He’s looking for a screw. Give him the one in your inventory and pull the lever on the left. It seems like nothing happens. Talk to the pile and it’ll tell you about the lost medallion. You need to find it if you want to see the boss.

Walk to the right and then south to leave the palace. Go to the right and then north to find the newspaper stall. Ask the salesman if he has a cigarette. You can have it if you bring back his pipe. Walk to the left and talk to the man in front of the bar. Ask if he has the pipe and what he wants for it in return. He wants some chocolate.

Give him the bar of chocolate you’ve created and he’ll give you the PIPE. Walk north and give the pipe to the shopkeeper. He’ll give you the CIGARETTES. Walk to the right and see that the trapdoor next to Rake is open now. Use the opening to find a broken MEDALLION. The dead man on the table has a PIN next to his head you can take. Walk to the left four times and you’re back at the bum’s rubbish piles. Give the cigarettes, the table cloth, the bottle with sewer water and the pin to the bum and you’ll be able to enter his domain.

Use the third pile from the front until you find a piece of a MEDALLION. Put both pieces together to make it into one medallion. Walk to the left and use the huge doors to enter the palace. Talk to the third window from the left and give the medallion to the guard. You can now walk to the left up the stairs.

When asked for the purpose of your visit, tell the boss you want to go home. As a deal, the boss will ask you three questions and when answered correct, you can go. So the answers to the questions:

1000, add 40, plus 1000, add 30, add 1000, plus 20, and 1000, add 10 = 4100 (probably translation issue).
When you get ahead of the second one your position is: second.
When you get ahead of the last one your position is: impossible.

Use the horizontal part of the grave with the readable text to make a hole and get out of the grave. It get’s light again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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