After your electrocution you’re in the hospital.

Use the pager above your bed to call the nurse. Ask her for a glass of water. After she’s brought the glass, try to open the cabinet above you. You just can’t reach. Use the pager again to call the nurse. Ask her for a straw. After she brought you the straw, page her again and tell her you want to rest for a while. She won’t disturb you anymore. Take the STRAW from the glass and use it on the cabinet above you to open the door.

Use the straw on the open cabinet to see what you can get out. It’s your WALLET. Pick it up and look at it in your inventory to find the SCISSORS. Use the scissors on your bandages and you’re a free man again. That is, if you can get out of the room.

Pick up the BANDAGES from the bed and take the GLASS with water from the nightstand and look out the window to see the ledge. Use the window to climb out and on the ledge walk to the right. Your path is blocked by a pigeon. Walk to the right until the pigeon attacks you. As soon as the pigeon is on the ledge again, use the glass of water on the pigeon to scare him away. Walk further to the right and use the window to climb into the room.


You need clothes so use the cupboard to find some but trying to open it makes a terrible noise. Use the window again to step onto the ledge and walk all the way to the left. There’s a closed window. Look through the window to see it’s the lavatory. Use the window to open it. It’s stuck.  Try it again and this time it will open. Use the window to climb inside.

On the basin next to the door is a bar of SOAP. Pick it up and use the window again to climb on the ledge. Walk all the way to the right and use the window to enter the room. Use the soap on the cupboard and open the cupboard again to find some clothes.

Now that you’re dressed, use the door to get to the hallway. A patient talks to you and tells you about the hospital and that you can only leave as doctor or visitor. After the conversation, use the door on the right to visit the psychologist. He ask you to sit down so tell him you don’t see a chair. He invites you to the couch and you sit down. He begins the therapy with a diagnose. Tell him you’re not satisfied with the world.Tell him you smashed some peoples faces. The doctor wants to do a session of several hours but you don’t have that time so you leave.

Use the door on the left to enter a study room. On the cabinet hangs a smock. Use the smock to check the pockets and find an ID CARD. Look at the card in your inventory to get a great idea. You need a smock, a mustache and glasses.

Take the SMOCK from the cabinet. Try to open the glass cabinet to find it locked. Walk to the south to leave the room and talk to the patient in the hallway again. Ask him how to open that cabinet and he’ll tell you about the key. But he wants a cigarette first.

Use the door next to the extinguisher to enter the room of the punk again. Next to his bed is a bedside table and use the drawer to open it. It’s locked. Use the ID card on the drawer to unlock it and you’ll take the CIGARETTES out. Use the door to leave the room and give the cigarettes to the patient. He’ll give you the KEY.

Walk to the right and use the toilet door on the right. On the basin next to the door is a NAILBRUSH. Take it. In your inventory use the scissors with the brush to create your mustache. Now you only need glue. Use the door to leave and walk to the left.  Use the door on the right of the patient to visit the psychologist again. Sitting on the couch, talk to the man and ask what he’s drinking. He’ll tell about staying awake. Talk again and tell him you don’t have time.

In the hallway use the door on the left again and use the key on the glass cabinet to open it. Use the cabinet again to find the box of SEDATIVES. You also find a tube of GLUE. Leave the room on the south and visit the psychologist again. While he’s reading, use the sedatives with the blue mug, talk to the man and tell him you have to go.

Once outside, enter the room again and find the doctor asleep. Take the GLASSES from the table. In your inventory use the glue with the mustache and you’re ready to change into a doctor. Even the patient in the hall couldn’t tell the difference. Then it’s time to finally leave the hospital.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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