After you realised you had a car accident, take the THREAD from the operating table. On the desk to the right of it lies a SCALPEL. Take that too. Use the scalpel on the door to unlock the door and use the door to exit the OR.

Take the SAW from the floor and use the medicine chest on the wall behind it to take a GLASS. Walk all the way to the right and take the VALVE from the radiator. Walk back to the left and use the valve on the faucet. Use the glass on the faucet to take some WATER.

To the right of the faucet, there’s loose plaster on the wall. But it’s still firmly attached. Use the water on the plaster to soak it off. Behind it you can read a message from Mike Miller. Use the door and you’ll see the map. On the map select the bar to check it out.



Read the grafitti on the wall, read the sign on the door and read the poster nextt to it. Take the POSTER with you. Then go into the alley on the right. Use the fruit package to move it aside and then use the container to find a METAL BAR. Use the pane on the left to enter the building.

Walk to the south to enter the bar. Behind the bar is a MAGNET stuck to a machine so take it and on the bar is a NOTE. Pick it up and read it in your inventory. It’s an invitation to Mike Millers funeral. Walk to the right back to the toilets and use the pane on the right to leave the bar again. Go left to the front and left again to reach the map. From there go to the cemetary.


Use the front gate to open it and you’re in the graveyard. Use your saw to cut the decaying branch from the tree and then pick up the BRANCH. Walk a bit to the right and find a NOTE on the side of the grave. Pick it up and read it. It has a code on it. Walk to the right to the chapel.  On the left side of the door is a ROCK on the ground. Pick it up.

The doors are locked so walk to the right to see the back of the chapel. The door here is also locked but when you look at the keyhole you can see the key on the inside. Use the poster on the door to slide it underneath. Use the metal bar on the lock to push the key out, then take the poster back from the door and there you have the KEY. Use the key on the lock to unlock the door and use the door to go inside.

Use the note with code on the locker on the left to unlock it and take a PENCIL out of the locker. Walk to the south to go to the chapel. Look around and when you look at the bench on the left you find an ENVELOPE. Use the envelope in your inventory to get the LETTER inside. Read the letter in your inventory.

Walk to the right to leave the chapel and use the door to leave the building. Walk to the left to go to the front door and go south to go back to the cemetary. From there walk to the left to return to the streets. Walk left again to see the map.


Go to the bar on the map and look at the sewer in front of it. You can see a coin down there. Use the thread from your inventory on the branch in your inventory and then use the magnet on both. Use the magnetic fishing equipment on the sewer to get the COIN.

Walk to the right to enter the alley and use the window on the left to enter the toilets. Use the coin on the vending machine on the left to get a CONDOM. Use the window on the right again to leave the toilets and walk to the left to the front of the bar. Walk to the left again and on the map go to the junkyard.


To enter the cabin, use the rock you found at the cemetary on the window of the door. Use the broken window to unlock the door and use the door to enter the building. On the desk is a notepad and when you look at it, it looks like nothing’s on it. Use the pencil from your inventory on the notepad and the message becomes visible. Look at the notepad to read it.

Use the computer with the black screen and you’ll enter the password you just learned. You automatically search the information of Mike Miller. It’s G7. The switchbox in the back isn’t functioning. Use the fusebox on the right wall to see the problem: a fuse is missing. Use the condom(wrapper) on the fusebox to fill the gap and then use the lever on the machine in the back. Now the gate opens.

Leave the cabin on the south and enter the scrapyard through the gate. Look at the red car, or what’s left of it. Look through the window and on the seat you’ll find a BUSINESS CARD and when you read it in your inventory you’ll see it’s from a photo studio. Take the left side MIRROR from the car. Use the metal bar on the damaged hood and you’ll bend the bar. Use the twisted metal on the damaged hood again to bend it some more.

Walk to the left to leave the yard, walk to the right to go to the map. Go to the photo studio.

Photo Studio:

Since the studio is closed you need another way to get in. Use the twisted metal you’ve created on the grating below the window. Use the hatch to enter the basement. Use the door on the right with the red light over it and you’re in the development room. Use the cabinet on the right to move it and from the gap behind it you can take a CAMERA. Use the camera in your inventory to take the FILM out. Take some development SOLUTION from under the table. Take some FIXATION and the devopment DRUM standing next to it.

Use the fixation solution on the basin on the table. Then use the switch next to the door. In your inventory, use the film on the development drum. Then use the development solution with the drum to fill it. Use the drum on the fastening hooks to let it dry. Use the door on the left and the go back in again. Switch off the light again and take the FILM strip from the wall and use it on the exposure machine. Use the exposed photograph on the basin with fixture.

Once the photo is ready, look at it. Some strange details are on it. Use the side mirror from the car on the gap behind the cabinet and you’ll see the same symbol. Leave the room through the door on the left and use the left control on the left of the mysterious door. Turn the dial to get the mirrored image from behind the cabinet. Use the right control and set the image to the same as the one on the photograph. When done correctly, the mysterious door will open and reveal a staircase.

Walk to the stairs to see.. the end.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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