You start in the room with a key hanging on a hook. Take the key. Leave the screen on the west (click left-below). Look under the ball in the bookcase. There’s a part of a hint. Use the key to reveal the colour combination. Write these down! When you leave this screen, you’ll lose your key but won’t be able to see the complete hint again. Open the box. It contains a lightbulb.Go west twice. Click on the eye to turn on the light. This will make everything usable. Click on the marbles. Now click them in the same order as you’ve seen before. Since the colours don’t completely match: Red, Black, White, Dark Green, Purple, Light Green, Blue. This will result in a key: XW12RT3.

Now leave this screen and try the laptop. It needs a key. Enter the key just found. There’s the first unlock. Click on the bin and note the letters: CEDG. Now the tricky part: click on the left next to the desk. A puzzle will appear. Complete it. You’ll get another key: abcdez. Switch off the light and go to the east. Try to turn on the light. Hmm… luckily you’ve found that spare bulb. Change it and turn on the light again. You now must be able to find a key in your bed on the right hand side. Turn off the light again, otherwise you won’t be able to leave the room.

Go to the east again and use the key on the door below the box. When you click on the lock there, you’ll be notified of the puzzles you still have to solve. Turn on the light by clicking on it. Take the knife and click on the fingerprint. This will give you a magnifying glass. Turn off the light again and leave the screen. Click on the books. Note the hint. Use the magnifying glass on the footprint above the bookcase. You need to enter a key. Type zedcba. You must now look for a moving sheet of music.

Go west twice and click on the eye again to turn on the light. Now move your mouse between the horizontal lines below the eye. On the left there’s your sheet of music. Click on it. Play the piano. But what? Remember the letters in the bin? These are also musical notes. But not in that order. You can see a hint: start, up, down, down. So start = C. then two to the right (up) comes E. Then down to D (one left) and finally down to G (four to the left). Now there’s your code. Close the screen and turn off the light.

Two screens to east and open the yellow door again with your yellow key. Click on the keyhole that appears and enter 851. Ah. The door is open. Now close the screen twice and go to the east. You’re now able to leave the room by opening the front door.

Game source: The game was found here on the internet.

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