You have to make the demon king laugh or they will attack!

Part 1:

Pick up the FEATHER from the bridge and use your knife on the blossom to get a FLOWER. Walk to the left to see the map and select the village on it. There’s a man standing on a ladder. He’s looking at a nest. Use your flute on the water pot to get the man from his ladder and take the COIN from the nest.

Enter ‘Chez Jaques’ and talk to the drunk man at the end of the bar. He can help you, if you want or not but want some money first. Give him the coin and he’ll tell you about the legend of the laughing stone. The Land of Trolls is added to your map. Talk to the waiter and learn about his allergy. Put the flower in the glass and he’ll leave. You can now take a POTATO from the bar.

Leave the bar and the village and travel to the Land of Trolls. The guard won’t let you pass and send you back to the map. Go to the disguise shop. Talk to Trillian behind the counter and he’ll give you a LIST of items you need to get for a disguise. Use the list on yourself to see what’s needed. Leave the shop and travel to Matthew’s Farm.

Look at the cow, she seems to have something stuck in her nose. Use the feather to unblock the nose. The farmers wife is grateful and let you take some of the STRAW. Also pick up some of the DUNG. Walk to the right to return to the map and travel to the dark forest.

Talk to the sawmiller and he’ll tell you he’s tired and has a lot to do. Help him a bit by using the rope to the right of the house twelve times and all his work is done. He’ll help you now. Give him the list so you can ask him for the TEETH. He’ll help you. Take the MUSHROOM from behind the pile of logs and leave the woods on the right. Go back to the disguise shop.

Give the teeth, the straw and the dung to Trillian. Use the knife on the potato to cut a nose and give it to him as well. He’ll make you a nice TROLL DISGUISE. Leave the shop and go back to the Land of Trolls. You can now pass. Visit the Troll market first and exchange your mushroom for a SHOVEL. Leave the market and select the cave. The entrance is blocked so use the shovel on the rubble to enter the cave.

Use your shovel on the patch of dirt blocking the opening and use the string to turn the lens. Put your list on the altar to set it on fire and now you can take the LAUGHING STONE.

Part 2:

Miss Fortuna wants you to get the other two stones as well. She’ll give you a map to show you where they stones might be. Take the strange things from inside the tent. It’s a BOTTLE. Walk to the right to see the map. First of all, travel to the water tower. Use the bottle with the stream in front to get some WATER.

Enter the tower and see the strange machine with the painting behind it. Look at the machine which looks like a lens. Use the machine and you’ll see the painting in close up. Since you’re in the water tower, select the lake on the right of the painting to focus the machine. Leave the tower and walk to the left to see the map again.

Travel to the sun tower and go inside. On the right is a WOODEN HORSE. Pick it up and use the machine to see the picture in close up again. This time you’re in the sun tower so select the sun on the right to focus the machine. Leave the tower and walk to the left to return to the map.

Go to the fire tower and go inside. The lens here is very dirty so use the bottle with water on the lens to clean it. Then use the machine to see the picture again and this time focus on the … fire. Leave the tower and walk to the right to see the map again. There’s an extra location where the three towers meet. Go there and see a spot well lit. Use the shovel on the spot to dig for the STONE OF SADNESS.

Walk to the right to return to the map and go to the water tower again. Use the bottle on the stream to take some more WATER and then walk to the left to return to the map. Select the village in the upper right. The boy is playing with marbles. Talk to him to find out he’s a bit bored. Give him the wooden horse and you’ll get his MARBLES. In front of the house on the left are some stones. One of them is loose. Pick it up to find the ROPE underneath.

Walk to the right and go to the fire tower. On the rocks is the same symbol as the stone of sadness. Use the stone on the rocks and a cave will open. Walk into the cave to find a machine and a cart. But the cart won’t ride and the machine is broken. Use the bottle with water on the cart to clean it. Use the rope on the machine to fix it and use the stone of sadness on the machine to turn it on. Now you can use the cart to travel further into the cave.

On your way you’ll find a huge stalagmite on the track. Use your flute on it to dissolve the stone and continue the journey. Next you’ll find a lake crossing your tracks. Above it are colored stalactites  and when you use your flute with them they make a sound. When using them in the right sequence, a bridge will appear. Touch them in the order blank (first on the left), yellow, red, black, blue, pink, green and white.

Next obstacle is a waterfall flowing into a hole. Use your knife on the tree to cut the TRUNK and put it in the hole. The hole will be filled, making a raft float to the tracks. You can continue your journey and you’ll find the third STONE. Take it from the pillar and you’ll automatically return to the map. Go to the Tower of the Demon.

The tower is guarded. The guard will walk in front of the entrance so use the marbles on him to make him slip and you can enter the tower. Meanwhile you’ll see the plans of the demon and Miss Fortuna. You’ll end up in jail. The wall next to the door is very thin. Use the shovel to break the wall and use the bottle on the barrel to catch some ACID. Use the acid on the door and you’re free again.

Part 3:

You step through to portal and enter the world of demons. On the map, first go to a house in the south. Talk to Mackany and he’ll tell you about destroying the stones. But then you’ll need to fly. Take the bag with SEEDS from the top of the shelves. Use the bottle to catch some of his TEARS and leave the house on the left.

On the map go to the witch house on the upper right. Talk to the witches and learn about their powers. Talk again ask them to make you fly. They’ll tell you the ingredients they need: a wing, a hair and a tear. Take the CHICKEN from under the cauldron and behind the witch on the right is a bag with INVISIBILITY POWDER. Leave the witches on the left and on the map go to the forest pond.

The fairy wants to go for a swim but not with you around. Use the invisibility powder on yourself and while the fairy is taking a dip, take his WINGS and leave on the right. On the map go to the foot of the volcano. There’s a patch of volcano soil and when you drop the seeds on it, a beanstalk will grow. Go up in the beanstalk to find the giant sleeping. But he’s guarded by a dog. Give the chicken to the dog and he won’t bother you anymore. Take the giant HAIR and walk to the left to climb down again.

Walk to the left to return to the map and go to the witches house. Give the hair, the tear and the wing and they will make you fly by giving you a BROOM. Walk to the left to leave them and go to the foot of the volcano. Use the broom on yourself to fly to the top. You’re just in time to see how the demon becomes the king of the world.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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