Pick up the NOTE at the front door.

Look at the note in your inventory and read that your wife has been kidnapped. Use the front door to travel to the Island of Gendal. Pick up the ROCK that’s on the ground and look at the sign. So you must walk to the right.

On the map select Marty’s Dry ‘n Clean. Take the pink PYJAMA from the ground. Talk to the monkeysheep to learn more about Monkey Man. Walk to the right to visit the map again and go to the bar.

Talk to the monkey next to the door to learn more about the experiments of Monkey Man and how to get into the castle. Take the POSTER from the wall and walk to the left to return to the map.Visit the barber shop with the red roof. Inside you’ll see a monkey who doesn’t know what haircut it should be.Talk to the barber to hear about the dilemma and the monkey hair.


Give the poster to the barber and when he’s busy trying to give the monkey a Pelvis cut, you can take some FUR from the floor. Walk to the left to leave the barber and visit the mall. Since only the Paper and Glue shop is open, you’ll visit that one.

Talk to the lady behind the counter and learn even more about the Monkey Man. Take the bottle of GLUE from the bottom shelf on the left. You’ll pay and then you can leave the shop. On the map walk to Monkey Man’s castle. In your inventory use the glue with the pyjama. Then use the fur on the pyjama to create a MONKEY SUIT. Use the monkey suit on yourself  (you won’t see that) and you’re able the enter the caste.

When Monkey Man points a gun at you, use the rock on him to knock him out and rescue your wife.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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