You want a girlfriend but can’t go out like this.

Pick up the PLAYGIRL from the floor and the FOOD and leave the room by using the door on the left. In the hall use the door on the lower right to enter the kitchen. On the worktop, under the saucages on the right is a aluminum PLATE. Take it and leave the kitchen again.

Use the door on the lower left to enter the living room. On the chest on the left is a tube of GLUE. Take it and walk south to return to the hall. Use the door on the upper left to see what’s in the storage room. Take the SCISSORS from the shelf on the left and go back to the hall.

Time to leave the castle. In your inventory use the scissors on the playgirl to cut out Brad Pitt’s face. Use the glue on the plate and stick Brad’s face on the plate. Use the makeshift mask on yourself to hide your real face. Use the front door to leave the castle and walk into town.


Walk to the right to find a cat and a lady on the balcony. The lady has her back turned to you. You need to get her attention. Give the food to the cat and the lady will talk to you. Compliment her on her eyes and tell her you didn’t mean to disturb her. Ask her to be your girlfriend and she’ll be more than happy to…..

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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