The first customer since your company started.

Talk to the farmer and ask him about the aliens and the spaceship. Use the cactus to take a THORN off. Use the door to leave the office. Walk to the right and use the door. It’s Mrs. Johnson’s house. Use the carpet to find a JUICE PRESS. Use the blue door to enter the kitchen. The cupboards and fridge/freezer are empty but when you use the cooker, you turn on the heat. Leave the kitchen on the south and walk up the stairs.

Take the FLOWER from the window and while you do, the pot smashes. Pick up a SHARD from the pot. Talk to the door leading to the bathroom to warn Mrs. Johnson her kitchen is on fire. She’ll leave the bathroom so you can enter. Use the cabinet on the left to take a SLEEPING PILL out. Leave the bathroom on the south and walk to the right to leave the bedroom. Go downstairs and leave the house on the south. Walk to the left and enter your own office. Use the juice press on the cactus to get some CACTUS JUICE. Use the sleeping pill with the juice to make it a sedative.

Leave the office by using the door and walk through the alley to the north. Give the flower to the girl and she invites you to come along. You will keep an SEWING BOX from it. Look at the box to take the NEEDLE from it. Give the cactus juice to the guard on the left and he’ll sleep in notime. Use his body to find the CAR KEY. Use the key on the car to drive to the farm land.


Walk to the left and twice to the right. Enter the shed to find it too dark but get the OIL CAN on your head. Walk to the left twice and use the window to enter the house. The boy is asleep but you can use the computer. Look at the screen to learn all about caltrops. Use the oil can on the door on the right to the kitchen because otherwise it squeeks too much.

In the kitchen look in the cupboards above the cooker. The top one contains a flashlight, the one under it a plastic bag. Now you need to get out. Use the bag on the sink to fill it with WATER. Put the bag in the freezer on the right and once it turned to ice, use it on the window to escape. Walk to the right three times to reach the shed again.

Use the flashlight on the shed to find it’s useless but still you get a NAIL from the shed. Walk to the left and after what you’ve read about caltrops: use the needle, the thorn, the shard and the nail into the slimey patch next to the door to create a CALTROP. Walk to the left and south to meet the farmers daugther.

She won’t let you into the field so use the caltrop with her to make her go. Walk to the north and find the aliens. They will tell you about who they are and what they do and the message they’re trying to bring. But they can’t leave because they’re missing something. Give them the sewing box and they can leave the civilised planet. And the message…. eehhh.. oops.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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