There’s a mad porcupine at your feet that you need to get rid of.

First need need to get mobile again so you need to fix the chair. Look at the wheel in the center of the room and try to get it to realize it’s too far away. Climb on the desk and take the CRIME SCENE TAPE from the wall. Return to the chair and use the tape on the wheel again.  The tape is too light.

Use the bottom drawer of the desk to find a PENCIL. Use the bottom drawer again, this time to find an old CHIP CLIP. Use the bottom drawer a third time to get am old SODA TAB. Use the bottom drawer once more to find a ball of LINT. In your inventory look at the ball of lint twice to get a piece of STRING from the lint.

Look at the chip clip twice to notice the magnet on the back. Then use the string with the clip and lower it to get the NUT AND BOLT from the floor. Next to the computer is a mouse. Take the MOUSE from the computer and in your inventory attach the mouse to the crime scene tape. Throw the tape at the wheel again and this time you’re lucky and you can reel in the WHEEL. In your inventory combine the nut, bolt and the wheel and now you need to get it back on the chair. Fortunately you get some help from a little mouse.


Being able to move again, move over to the fridge and cupboard. In the cardboard box op top of the cupboard is a dino shaped GRABBER. Pick it up and then open the fridge. On the middle shelf if a tray with CHICKEN LIVERS. Take the tray and close the fridge again. Move over, back to the computer desk. Use the grabber to pick up the QUILL from the floor and then push your chair to the sink on the lower left.

Use the door of the elevator to open it. Move the chair over to the cabinet and fridge. Throw a chicken liver into the lift and the porcupine will climb in. Use the door of the elevator to close it and the porcupine will escape again. Look at the elevator door to find that the latch is broken. This asks for some drastic measures. This is where it becomes tricky.

Again throw a chicken liver into the lift, close the door and quickly move over to the sink. Use the quill from the porcupine on the door to wedge the latch and the porcupine will be stuck in there. But you have to hurry! [NOTE: To make things easier, use the keys on the keyboard. Use the livers on the elevator, press U and use the elevator door. There’s no hotkey for the cross-hair but use the I for inventory and right click the mouse once. That’s easier than right clicking until you find the cross-hair. Then move to the sink and when you arrive, move the mouse to the top of the screen, pausing the game. You can now easily select the quill from your inventory and when returning to the game, quickly use it on the elevator door.]

The porcupine is now stuck in the elevator and you can get from your chair.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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