You couldn’t save the world last time…. This is what’s left. After the discussion, walk to the right and enter the Engineers Tent.

Engineers Tent:

Talk to John Faust until you know everything. He gives you a MAP of how to make the device and all items needed. Leave John and walk to the tent on the other side of yours: the Soldiers Tent.

Soldiers Tent:

Talk to Simone and ask her about the prisoner. She has a backpack and if you want to look inside you must somehow get a power outage. Put Crazy Eyes on the TV and ask him to cut the wires. That way Simone has to leave. As soon as she’s gone, look inside her backpack. Take the CHLOROFORM and the GAS GRENADE out.

Go to the south to the prison cell. Michael is not in the mood to talk and preventing you from taking the flamethrower.  Use the gasbomb on Michael and take the FLAMETHROWER. Then use your gun on the prisoner and shoot him. Take his UNIFORM. Go back upstairs and leave the tent and go to the Doctor’s Tent.

Doctors Tent:

Talk to Dr. Grey until you know everything. Have a closer look at the chemicals. The formula for vaporization fluid is show. It requires some calculation. For the red tube: 3,5 ^ 2 = 3,5 * 3,5 = 12,25. Sqr 144 = 12 (because 12 * 12 = 144). 12,25 * 12 = 147. The blue tube should be the half of red, so 147 / 2 = 73,5. The green tube is one third of red, so 147 /3 = 49. Set all tubes to these values and press the check button. You should now have your VAPORIZATION FLUID. Leave the tent and walk all the way to the right to the water depot.

Water Depot:

Talk to  Supervolt and learn about his polarisation belt. If you can restore the generator you can have his belt. So have a look at the generator. You just have to put the water and the power in the right position. Push on water and put it to MIN, push on power and put it to max. Push exit and the job’s done. You get the POLARITY BELT. Look at the design next to the inventory. Click on an item and all should be put in place. Go back to John in the engineers tent.

Engineers Tent:

Talk to John and give him the items he requested. Let him do his job and wait outside. Go back in again and talk to John again. You’ll get the DEVICE and the warning that the fluid level is low so you should be carefull.  Now over to Van McCoys place.

The battle:

A RPG battle starts. You can use your gun (unlimited), the dart (once) and the vaporization device (once). The dart and the device are the strongest but can only be used once. So it’s up to you what to use. You have to fight twice before you can enter McCoy’s Room Sector. Then he wants to make a deal….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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