Santa’s Place:

First you’ll have to find the nose of Rudolph. Look at the obvious places: in the bookshelf, in the pot… ah Bingo! Take the NOSE and to the left of the pot is a book you might think is usefull: the AGS manual. Pull the manual to open a secret passage to the sleigh.

Walk through the passage. In the hall look under the mat to find a KEY. Use the key on the door to open it (right click) and enter your office. Take the FEATHER pen and use it on the drawer. There’s one that isn’t locked (the third from the top). In the drawer is a DELIVERY LIST. Leave the office to the south.

Walk to the right in the hallway and look at Rudolph. Give the nose and delivery list to the elf guarding Rudolph. Time to do some delivering.

All goes well until the last package.

Delivery time:

The package won’t fit through the chimney. Use the package on the chimney and the paper and sticky tape will come off. You now have only the BAT and a TAG. Use the bat on the crack in the wall and create a way to get in.

Look in the attic. There’s a box and it has a BOTTLE OF WINE in it. Take it. Use the tag on the trapdoor to open it and go downstairs.

There seems to be an angry dog there. You can’t go any further. Use the bottle of wine on the bowl of the dog and the dog will fall asleep. Put the bat and the tag under the tree next to the dog and the last package is delivered. Time to go back home.

Back home:

While you were out, someone delivered a present for you. Could it be Santa? No… you are Sante. Pick up the PRESENT and enjoy it.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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