You’re in the body of LeChuck so you must find your own body to get it back.

Look at the space under your bed to find a KEY. Use the key on the drawer in the desk to get a SAW out.  Walk to the left to leave the hut and find the crew on deck. Talk to the crew and learn that you can’t sail because of a new law. A ghost ship must run on bones and someone who can steer the ship.

Walk north to go to the island and walk to the left until you find a monkey dancing on the beach. Walk further left and find a skeleton. Talk to the skeleton and tell it you need it so ask for a bone. Talk more and learn more about the island. Walk to the right and find a hanged man on a tree.

In front of him, on the ground is another body and a bunch of bananas next to it. Take a BANANA. Walk to the left and and at  the dancing skeleton go left again. A large tree with holes in it and a toilet. On the right side of the trunk there’s a root covered in resin. Use the saw on the ROOT to cut it from the tree.

In the tree are some holes but there’s one strange hole. Use the root on it to get the PAPER with a drawing of a skeleton out. Walk left back into the forest and give the paper to the skeleton so he knows which BONE to give you. Walk south to the beach and give the banana to the MONKEY who will come with you now.Walk all the way to the right and use the wooden gate to return to the ship. You can set sail to the city to look for yourself.

There’s a poster on the wall. Look at it and read the cry for friendship. Walk to the left into the mansion of the governor and talk to the guard. He’s very lonely. Tell him you’ll help him and save him from loneliness and give him the monkey. You’ll get the JAIL KEY as thanks. Leave the mansion on the right and use the narrow alley next to the library to see what’s there. Use the chest to get some MONEY. Leave the alley on the right and enter the library.

Talk to the man who can hardly speak but you can figure out he’s looking for objects to sell for money. He has a doll that he wants to sell for 50 dubloons. Give the man the money and you’ll get a LECHUCK DOLL. Leave the library and go to jail. Use the key on the door and inside talk to Fafri. He can help you but wants a souvenir from the game in return. Give him the LeChuck doll and he’ll get you into your own body. Although you have to wait for chapter 2 for that.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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