You have to find out where that scream came from. Walk to the right to find Franz Strumpf. Or should I say Kevin Spacey? Whatever… talk to him. Try to sell him a leaterh jacket and try to find out what he’s guarding. Eventually you’ll know. Take the CHEESE from the counter and the KNIFE that’s next to it. Also take the NOTE from the refridgerator, which is actually a magnet.

Walk to the left to the left of the stairs. Next to it is a small mousehole. Use the magnet on the cheese in your inventory so the magnet is inside the cheese. Then give it to the rat. He’ll eat the cheese but won’t come out of his hideout. Climb the stairs and find another mousehole in the wall. Put the bit of cheese you have left in that hole, making the rat to climb the stairs. While he’s taking the cheese upstairs he’ll also take a key out. The rat will take the key downstairs but it won’t fit so the key is left on the floor.

Pick up the KEY and go upstairs again. Unlock the room and enter it. Talk to Elle and take her. She’s affraid of Franz so you have to get rid of him first. Go downstairs again and back to the kitchen. Use the knife on Franz to kill him and when he’s cut in pieces pick up his HEAD.

Go back up the stairs again and show the head to Elle. She’ll believe you and you can both leave the room now.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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