Bill Cosby has been killed and you as freelance photographer see a juicy article here. But first you need to find the body.

Walk to the left and enter the alley left of Scid’s. Talk to the bum. Today he’s Joe El, an alien. Ask him if he has seen Bill Cosby and he’ll refer you to the hospital. The he’ll be taken by a spaceship. Decide to take a picture of the ship (10/10). When the man’s beamed up, use the box to get an empty BOTTLE. Use the bottle on the spigot to fill her up with WATER.

Walk to the right and take a picture of the chicken (10/20). Talk to the chicken until the chicken leaves dropping some poo. Walk to the right and enter the Yahtzeebrand General Store. Take the blue POOPER SCOOPER from the middle shelf. Walk to the south to leave the shop again.

Use the pooper scooper on the POO of the chicken and walk to the north right of the pizza shop. Enter Reality General and look at the door on  the left. It’s to the morgue but heavilly secured. Talk to the guard on the left and learn that he’s guarding the morgue and that Bill Cosby is there. Ask him why he reacts like that and mention the smoking.


Give him the cigarettes and he’ll leave. Use the poo on the plant and use the bottle with water on it. Now you have a place to hide. Use the door to the morgue and the alarm will sound. Quickly hide behind the plant.  The other guard will take a look, sees nobody and opens the door to the morgue. Your chance to get in as well. Walk to the left behind the guard and use the closet to open it. Step into the closet and wait until the guard is gone.

Use the door on the left to open it and enter the morgue. Look at the drawers to see who’s in it and to find Bill Cosby. He’s in the lower right one. Open the drawer and use your camera on Bill Cosby to try to take a picture. But as soon as you do, you hear voices so you have to hide. Use the middle center drawer to hide in. Alandra and Davy will walk in.

After they’ve gone, you’re still in the drawer. Use the lighter to see a bit better and talk to the corpse you’re lying next to. It’s zombie Michael Gower who will get you out of the cabinet. Use your camera on the zombie to take his picture (10/30). But Bill Cosby is gone. Walk to the south to leave the room.

Walk to the right to go outside but when you pass the cabinet Bill jumps out. You run for the alarm bell on the left. As soon as you can, take your camera to take a picture of Bill (10/40) and use the alarm button on the left to call for help.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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