You have until midnight to kill Dracula.

Pick up the BUCKET from the right of the stairs (1/1) and climb the stairs on the right to walk to the right. In the library pick up the SCROLL from the bottom shelf of the bookcase in front (1/2). Read the scroll to learn more about a secret passage (1/3). Look at the bookcase to notice something strange. Use the blue book on the upper left shelf to open the secret passage (1/4).  Walk north into the opening and take the ROPE from the wall on the left (1/5).

Go back south and walk to the right into the forge. Take the AXE from the right wall (1/6) but be careful of the fire and the man with the hammer. Again walk further to the right. Don’t walk too far, when you step on loose boards the killer bats will get you. Walk over to the window and pick up the big HAMMER standing against the wall (1/7). Use the rope on the peg to climb down (1/8).

Again careful, walk to the middle and pick up the OAR (1/9). Then proceed to the left. Go through the opening and now you have to be quick. Walk over to the fountain and use the bucket on the top of the fountain to get the HOLY WATER (1/10). The bottom of the fountain contains ordinary water and is useless.  Easiest is to select the bucket from where you enter the room and click it on the top of the fountain. Quickly walk back to the right before the witch catches you.


Walk to the window on the right and use the rope you used to climb down. Again be ware of the ghosts. Once upstairs again walk to the left to return to the forge. Cross the forge, minding the fire and the blacksmith and enter the library. Walk north into the secret passage and go further north.

Talk the FLASK standing next to the machine (1/11) and walk further north to the corridor. There’s a huge crate swinging. Use the axe to whack the swinging crate into pieces (1/12) and pick up the WOOD (1/13).  Walk further north and you’re at the forge again.

Quickly go left to the library and further left to the main hall. Go down the stairs on the right and climb the stairs on the left to walk further left. Pick up the WINE (1/14) and the CHEESE (1/15). Drink the wine (1/16) but keep the cheese. Pour the holy water into the fireplace and it will go out. Walk into the fireplace and pick up the TORCH (1/17). Use the torch on the dark space in the fireplace to see the other side (1/18) and walk north into a cave.

On the right is a small cave. Walk into it and you’ll be greeted by death. Make sure he doesn’t catch you and don’t get too close to the torture equipment. Walk to the right and give the cheese to the rat next to the guillotine (1/19). The creature will leave and you can take the KEY he was lying on (1/20). Quickly leave the way you came.

Go further north to find a water. Use the oar on the boat (1/21) and sail to the other side of the water. Now it gets tricky! As soon as you reach the other side, throw the flask with oil on the painting in the center on the back wall (1/22). Shine the torch on the painting and it will go up in flames, revealing yet another passage (1/23).  Quickly go through.

Use the key on the big door to unlock and open it (1/24). You’ll see three coffins. Remember the main entrance. In the middle there were three symbols. Use the coffins in the same order: green, blue and purple so right coffin first, then left, then middle. The coffins will open and Dracula will appear in the middle one. Use the pieces of wood on Dracula to kill him (2/26).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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