Turn to the right and take the PALETTE from the sofa.

Use the dark cushion on the left to find a BLUE KEY behind it. Look at the armrest against the wall to find a PENCIL in front. Click under the sofa on the right side to find a SOY BEAN. Look under the stool on the right to find another SOY BEAN. Use the palette with pencil on the blue canvas on the wall to paint a fish. Look closely at the fish.

Turn to the right and look under the shelves on the left to find a SOY BEAN. Click on the right of the boxes with the blue ball to look behind them and find another SOY BEAN. Note the colors and their order of the bookstands and note the shape of the boxes. Turn to the right.

Click left of the low table to look behind it and find a RED KEY. Click on top of the table to find a box with an odd picture on it. You must recreate the picture of the fish. Since the pieces can’t move, only rotate, it shouldn’t be too difficult. The solution: number the pieces from 1 to 9 from left to right, top to bottom. Click piece 1 once, piece 2 three times, piece 3 once, piece 4 twice, piece 6 twice, piece 7 three times, piece 8 twice and piece 9 once.


Use the handle of the box to open it and take the YELLOW KEY out. Leave the table and look at the cabinet on the right. Click under it to find a SCREWDRIVER. Use the blue key on the top lock and take the SCISSORS out. Use the yellow key on the middle lock and take the YELLOW BALL and the SOY BEAN out. Use the red key on the bottom lock and take the stone of MUD out.

Turn to the left and use the scissors on the BLUE BALL to cut it off. Use the mud in the beaker with water to obtain the RED BALL. Turn to the left and click left of the sofa to look next to it on the wall. It’s a socket. Use the screwdriver with the socket to open it and take the GREEN BALL out. Turn to the left again.

Look closer at the TV screen and look at the panel on the left on the frame. There are nine balls. Push them so they form the shape of the boxes with the blue ball. The ‘boxes’ should be white. Number them from 1 to 9 from left to right, top to bottom. Click on number 3, 5, 7 and 9. Leave the panel and the TV is working.

Put the balls in the hole of the frame on the right side. Use the order you saw earlier in the bookstands. Start with the red. You’ll see letter on the screen. Remove all the letters that don’t appear in the word ‘RED’ and note the shape that’s left: 4. Remove the red ball and put the yellow in that position. Again letters. Remove the letters that don’t appear in the color and see the shape that’s left: 6.

Remove the yellow ball, put the green in and note that the letters from the word’s colour form the 1. Remove the green one and put in the blue. Remove the letters that are not in the word ‘blue’ and the shape of the 7 will remain. Leave the TV and turn to the right. Look close at the door and see the panel that needs 4 digits. Enter 4617 in the right position and push the button next to it. Leave the panel and use the handle of the door to leave the room.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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