Find 5 butterflies that are hidden in the forest.

The cursor will change into a hand when you found the spot you can click to zoom in or to move things. After you found the butterflies, they will keep flying in your screen.

Zoom in on the big tree on the left. There is your butterfly. On the bottom of your screen you can zoom out again. Go right.

Zoom the sunny part on the left side. Now zoom the left side of the big trunk in the middle. You need to move the fungus to find another butterfly. Zoom out twice on the bottom of your screen and go right.

There is a butterfly, just in the middle of the tree. Go left three times.

Zoom on the left side of the big tree. Now zoom in on the top of the tree and find the next butterfly. Zoom out twice and go left again.

Zoom in on the middle of the grass. Zoom in again on the grass a bit north-east from the middle. On the right is a butterfly.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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