The little bird didn’t get any of the seeds…

Throw some at the bush on the right to lure the others away and as soon as you get the chance, throw them on the path on the left to the little bird. This will get him some as well.

You’re not strong enough to open the box. Pick up the metal PIPE and use it on the crate. It will break but that’s all. Hit the box again and this time a key will appear. Drop the pipe and open the box to take the KEY from it. Use it on the door.

You’re stuck in the mud. A root will appear. Grab the root. Use the root at the moment it holds still after a few movements to pull the root. Repeat this two more times to wake up the tree on the left. Repeat the process with the root on the right to wake up the tree on the right. When the tree asks you if you want time, tell them you need to find Fio. Then they’ll tell you more about where she is.When they ask you what you want, tell them you want Fio.


Look at the chest and try to open it. It’s locked. Look at the gate and try to open it. It’s locked as well. Look at the lamp next to the gate. Then look at the statue and read the plaque underneath.  A little light will appear in the snow. Pick up the GLOWWORM. Another one will appear in the snow. Walk over to it and also pick up this GLOWWORM. And a third will appear. Pick up the third GLOWWORM as well and put each glowworm in a lantern: one at either side of the gate and the third in the lamp on the statue.

A shiny object will appear in the snow. Pick up the little KEY and use it on the chest to unlock it. Use the chest to take the stone HEART out and give it back to the statue. The gate will now open.

On the left there’s a berry bush. Take a branch of BERRIES from it and show the branch to the squirrel in the tree. It will move to the left, shaking the acorn. It will not fall yet. Walk to the tree on the right and stand under it. Show the berries to the squirrel again and it will move to the right, again shaking the acorn but again it doesn’t fall. Walk back to the berry bush on the left and show the berries again to the squirrel. It will move again and this time the acorn will drop.

Pick up the THREE STONES that are on the ground and put them in the bucket. Then take the BUCKET down. Drop the bucket in the well and take the WATER. Pour the water on the grave in front of the acorn.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. When I get to the snow scene and click on the Plaque, it only says “It’s attached, I can’t take it with me” and no matter how many times I click, Amber never reads it. Do you have any ideas regarding this problem?

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