You need to take your medications.

Pick up the CUBE on the floor. Take the PILLOW from your bed and find a SYRINGE under it. Take that as well. Use the cube with the pills in your inventory to crush them. Mix the powder with the orange juice you already had and use the syringe on the combination to fill it. Use the syringe on the doctor to let him sleep for a while.

You want to go outside but need a pass for that. Walk to the right and find the gardener asleep. Use the pillow on him to gag him so you can take the SAW from him. Use the saw on the lock on the shed and when the door is opened you can take the SHOVEL. Walk back to the left and use the shovel on the guard. When he’s out, you have his PASS. Use the pass on the gate to open it and enjoy the freedom in anger.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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