You need the toilet really bad..

Walk to the back to the toilet and use the door to find it locked. Use the small heart in the door to talk to the person inside and it looks like he’s not going very soon. Leave the conversation with ‘bye’. You need to find another way to free the toilet.

On the side of the toilet there’s some grass. Use it to remove it and then look at the hole to see the legs. In the pocket is a SWISS ARMY KNIFE. Take it and leave the hole. Look at the pipe next to the toilet. It’s connected to the loo somehow. So that’s an opportunity. If only you could get that lid off.

On the gutter against the toilet is a HOSEPIPE. Take it and walk left and back to the car. Use the key from your inventory on the engine bonnet to open it and take the CANNISTER from it. Use the bonnet again to close it, then use the tank nozzle at the back of the car to open it. Put the hosepipe on the nozzle and attach the cannister to it. Use the hosepipe to suck the air out and let the fuel flow into the cannister. Once full, take the cannister with FUEL.

Talk to Baron Mucki and ask him for a SAUSAGE. He’ll give you one. Leave him with ‘bye’. Next to the rock in front of the car is a TOADSTOOL. Pick it up and walk all the way to the left where a sheep and dog are under a tree. It would be nice to get some wool from the sheep but the dog won’t let you. In your inventory combine the toadstool and the sausage and give the poisonous combination to the dog. That’ll knock him out.

Use your knife on the sheep to get the WOOL from it. Use your knife on the BRANCH sticking out of the tree and walk left back to the car. Put the wool on the rock and use the stick on the wool to let it smoulder. Pick up the SMOULDERING WOOL again.  Take the HAND from Arnold the Armour in the back of the car and walk north to the toilet.

Use Arnold’s hand on the cap of the pipe to take the screws out and then use the cap to remove it. Use the canister with fuel on the pipe to pour it in and drop the smouldering wool in it as well. Now take cover. Once the shepard has left, you can finally use the loo. If only…..

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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