You’re locked in your room.

Walk to the mirror and talk to your mirrored image to find out what you need to do. After the conversation your mirrored image walks through the door. Use the door on the south of the screen to find it locked. But the one in the mirror wasn’t?!? Above the chest of drawers was a painting. There’s still a hole where it hang and when you look at the hole you can find a NAIL (1/1). Use the nail on the mirror (1/2) and use the door in the mirror to leave the room (1/3).

In your bedroom is a PINK POSTER on the wall. Take it off and walk to the right to go outside. Jane is standing on the porch so talk to her. She’ll tell you about Bampton. Maybe Tim can take you there.  Use the back door to enter the living room (2/5). On the couch is a REMOTE CONTROL. Take it (1/6) and use the front door. It’s locked. Walk south to go outside again and talk to Jane about the key to the front door. Aks her about your WALLET and it appears to be in your pocket already.

Walk over the path to the south and use the shrubbery on the left to find a KEY to the front door (10/16). Use the back door to go inside the house and use the key on the front door to travel to Tim.


Use the front door and find it locked. So Tim’s not home. Use the broken TV outside to kick it and Tim will pop up. Talk to him but all he can say is: Pink. Give him the pink poster and he’ll be ok.  Talk to Tim again and ask for a lift to Bampton’s. But then Tim needs to get out of that TV first. Use the remote on the TV and the problem is solved (1/17).

At Bampton’s use the rubbish bins to get a bottle of the Remedy Rescue FORMULA. Walk south to the street and when you look through the crack in the fence you’ll see the UFO (2/19). Walk to the lower right of the road to return to the house. Use the car to see a map and select Alan’s house on it.

Use the door to enter the house and ask Alan for help on rescuing Bampton. You must conquer a game first so you play Fifa Soccer 2004. You can try to win. If you don’t want to, press the C button before any goals were made. Alan will help you but needs some ingredients.

Since he speaks in riddles, you can ask him where to go. He tells you to go to Helen’s. Outside, use the tree on the left to get a KUMQUAT. Walk south to see the map and drive to Helen’s at the bottom of the map. Talk to Trent and ask him what gave Bampton pleasure. He’ll give you POLICE ACADEMY. He can’t help you with the other questions. Walk up the stairs to the right and Helen will let you in.

Talk to Rafter and he’ll tell you he’s thirsty. Walk north to the table and take the BOTTLE from it (1/20). Talk to Lucy and Gene to find out that the nail is the other object you’re looking for. Leave the table and walk to the left to go outside to Trent. Use the bottle to fill it with WATER (1/21) and add some of the kumquats to the bottle (1/22). Walk back up the stairs and inside give the bottle to Rafter. He’ll give you a pot of NOODLES (1/23).

Because of the hallucination a bear will appear. Talk to the bear and find out that you can get an object if you give something first to the bear.  Give the kumquat to the bear (1/24) and you’ll get some STUFFING from the bear. Walk to the left twice to return to the map and go back to Alan’s place.

Use the front door to go inside and the stuffing (1/25), the police academy (1/26) and the nail to Alan (2/28). Then you’re teleported to the UFO. Use Bampton to try to get the rope off him. Pick up the SAW (1/29) and use the saw on Bampton to free him from the ropes (1/30).  Talk to Bampton to find out what happened and then you need to come up with a plan to escape.

Pick up the BROOM (1/31) and the STRANGE DEVICE lying in front of the box (1/32). Look at the strange device in your inventory to see what it does. Walk to the south and find laser beams on the left of the corridor. Use the broom on the door to keep it open (1/33) and you can continue to the left.

Meet Dark Fool and listen to his story. As soon as Tim is changed by the laser, use the noodles in your inventory on the strange device and Alan will join you. So walk south to leave and use the door to return to the cargo room and talk to Bampton. Tell him he’s wanted in the control room. Walk south and to the left to return to the control room and Alan will tell his plans.

Play the drums during the song and when it’s over, Tim will take care of Dark Fool. Talk to Tim and he’ll teel you what to do. Use the control panel behind him to change the orbit of the UFO and change Tim back to normal.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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