You’re in detention. Now you need to find a way out of that school without the teacher noticing.

Talk to the teacher and ask if you can go to the toilet. You can. Use the door on the right to leave the class room and in the hallway talk to the janitor. He’s a bit bored because his walkman doesn’t work anymore. Offer to repair it and you’ll get the WALKMAN. But you can’t have the wirecutters.

Pull the plug out of the socket and the hover stops. While the janitor walks to the socket, quickly take the WIRECUTTERS from the toolbox. Enter the toilets and take the DUCT TAPE from the floor. Look in the sink and you’ll find a LIGHTER there.  Leave the toilets again and return to the class room. Open the desk on the left and look inside. Take the BLUE PENCILCASE out.

In your inventory use the pencilcase to get the PEN out. Use the wirecutters on the pen and you’ll find the hidden CIGARETTE. Give the cigarette to the teacher but he doesn’t want it. C’mon and ask if never has any cravings. He’ll answer that that only happens when he’s hot.


Use the wirecutter on the wires near the blackboard to cut the wire to the fan. The teacher turn’s hot immediately. Use the cutter again on the loose end of the wire to take a piece of WIRE with you. Give the cigarette again. All he wants is a light. Give the lighter to the teacher. He’ll be busy for a while.

Take the KEYS from the desk. Look at the keys and you’ll see that one looks like a mini-crowbar. Use the keys on the walkman to open it. Use the wirecutter on the piece of wire to cut it in two and then use the wire on the walkman to fix the wire. Use the duct tape on the walkman to seal the wire. The walkman is fixed, closed and ready to use. Leave the class room and go back to the janitor.

Give the walkman back to the janitor and he’ll be distracted as well. Use the keys on the front door and leave…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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