You have to find your teacher in this haunted house.

Walk to the right into the house and once inside walk further to the right across the bridge.  Step onto the pentagon that appears and you’ll be teleported to a demonic world.

Walk to the right over the bridge and through the room to the right. Go north and to the right again. Walk across the small bridge to the right, then south. Walk left over the large bridge and south from there back to the right. Walk north over the red carpet to enter a maze of corridors and end up in a cold place covered in snow.

Walk north over the bridge to find the remains of your teacher. There’s nothing you can do here (step onto the remains and press space) so it’s best to return home. Walk south over the bridge to enter the maze again and end up in the demonic world. South over the red carpet, all the way to the left and across the long bridge to the right.


Go north and left over the small bridge. Continue to the left and at the end walk south. Then left, across the bridge and south to pentagon. Step onto it the go back to the house of the teacher.

Leave the house on the left and walk further to the left to leave the village.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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