You need to continue the study.

Use the bookcase behind you and take the BOOK about witchcraft out. In your inventory read the book. Take the PACKAGE from the desk (5/5). It’s taped too tight. Use the door on the left to leave the study and then you’ll hear the doorbell. Open the door north to let your friend Luke in. Talk to him, ask about him and then ask him to help you with your study.

Tell him about the research and then walk south to the kitchen. Take the FILE from the worktop (5/10) and use the file to open the package in your inventory after looking closer at the package. You can now take the BOOK from the package.Use the door north to return to Luke and give him the book from the packet and let him read it (5/15). Talk to him about the science and he’ll tell you a little more. Give him the book you took from the library (5/20) and talk to him again. Talk to him about the witch craft and he’ll tell you about the alchemy. You need to find more information about that.

Use the door on the south to return to the kitchen and then the door left to enter the lab. Open the desk to find your lucky RING (5/25).  Look in the cabinet on the left to find a BOOK about alchemy. Read the book in your inventory  and learn about Enric Alkhar.  Next to the chair is a PRYBAR. Pick it up (5/30) and leave the lab again. From the kitchen go north into the hall.

Give the red book about alchemy to Luke and let him read it (5/35). Talk to Luke about Alchemy and he’ll mention Enric as well. Ask him about Enric and he’ll tell you about his friend the historian who might know more. Tell him to visit this friend.

Use the door to enter the house of the historian and talk to the man. Introduce yourself and ask him for information. Ask about Enric and he’ll tell you about the book he must have somewhere. But he wants some collateral first. Give him your ring, talk to him again, ask about Enric and then he’ll get you the BOOK. In your inventory read the blue book about alchemists and find more about Enric. Carefully read the story. Then use the front door to go back to your own house.

Once there, give the blue book to Luke and let him read it (5/40). Talk to him and talk about history book. He’ll tell you about the cemetery. Talk to him more about the cemetery and the crypt that must be there. Decide to pay the cemetery a visit.

Walk to the right to find Halkar’s crypt. Take some DIRT from the path (5/45) and then walk over to the door of the crypt. There’s a keypad next to the door. Use the keypad to find the inscription above it. You need to find the year which changed Halkar’s life. According to the book  he was born in 1954 and went to school at the age of twenty. So that must be 1974. Type in this year in the keypad and the doors will open (5/50).

Walk into the crypt and look around. The lid of the crypt is sealed and you need a tool to open it. Use the prybar on the crypt to move the lid and look inside. Use the coffin lid to have a closer look and also Luke has to take a peek inside. You decide to take the corpse and the CHEST with you (5/55). In your inventory open the chest to find the golden ROD inside and a few pieces of PAPER. Read the paper in your inventory to learn the recipe: earth salt and gold (5/60).

Look at the rod in your inventory to find the crack. Use the crowbar with the rod to take some GOLD DUST from it. Use the door on the right to enter the kitchen and use the cabinets above the worktop to get the SALT out (5/65). In your inventory mix the dirt with the salt (5/70) and the gold dust (5/75) and put the mixture in the microwave (5/80).

Use the door on the left to return to the lab, pour the mixture over the corpse (5/85) and use the golden rod on the corpse to say the magic words. Nothing happens. Then the phone rings. Use the door on the right to the kitchen, then north to the hall. Pick up the phone and talk to the historian. He wants you to visit him straight away.

Use the front door and visit the historian. Use his front door to go inside and talk to the man. He’ll show you some newspaper clippings that should warn you. Enric was still alive in the 80’s? Back at home walk south to the kitchen and use the door on the left to enter the lab (5/90).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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