A typical day in 1984. You have to run the shop all alone since Tyler isn’t here. The phone rings. Answer the phone and talk to Tyler. He’ll tell you good and bad news. The bad news is that the gym probably has to close, the good news is that there’s no money anymore. Your job to take care of both. And there’s a reviewer coming today to evaluate the business and to see if you can continue with Jazzercise. All you have to de is keep the customers happy. How? Talk to them, listen to them and give them what they want.

When the conversation is over, the first customers arrive: Mildred and Syd.

– How are you, dear.
– I’m serious sweetie..
– Are you ready to sweat?

In the cupboard behind you are WEIGHTS. Pick them up, you need them to exercise. Look further through the cupboard and on the middle shelf on the right you’ll find a CASSETTE. Walk to the front and use the cassette with the tape recorder to put the mix on. Then take the other WEIGHTS out of the cupboard and you’re ready to go. Walk to your dancemat in the front in the middle and use it to start the exercise.

Session 1:

When you’re done, Mildred is sweating. Walk to the water tank on the left and take a CUP from the holder. Use it on the tank to get WATER. Give the water to Mildred.

– Why don’t you tell me about yourself?
– Tell me about yourself.

Time for take two. Use your own mat again for the next session.

Session 2:

When that’s over, the others enter the studio. Everyone introduces him or herselves and then you can talk to them.

– Tel me about yourself
– Why are you at Jazzercise?
– What problem?
– Tell me about yourself.
– What do you do for a living?
– Where did you get a gorgeous tan?
– I’d like to hear one of your jokes
– That was a super joke!
– I have a new exercise

Session 3:

When the session is over you want to show a video. You try to open the cupboard under the stereo but the key is missing. You must have lost it. Look at all the dance mats. One of them has been moved very recently. Use that mat to get the KEY out.

– You wouldn’t happen to know how my key…

Open the cupboard again and show the video.

When the video is done, go back to your mat and start a new session.

Session 4:

– Tell me more about yourself
– I find that difficult to believe
– How was the dance dear
– Of course, I’ll get them for you

Use the cabinet under the stereo to get the CRISPS out. Then start a new session.

Session 5:

When the session is over, you give them a 30 minute break. Time to get your breath. While you’re at your desk, the gym is entered by two thieves who want all the money and jewels. Quick as you are, you call the police and then call Tyler. He can help you out. He’ll tell you about the gun and the code. It must be a date.

Behind you is a poster of the YMCA. Take it down to see the safe behind it. Try to open the safe and then you need to enter a code. A date. Look at the calendar to the right of the water tank. It’s June and a nice gentleman on it. The next month is your birthday on the second Thursday. You’ll be 36 then. So now we need to calculate: It’s 1984 (remember the intro?) minus 36 = year 48. Then the month = 7. And if we take a look at the year calendar, we can find out that the second Thursday is 12 so enter  7 12 48 as combination.

Open the safe and take the GUN out. Then talk to the bad guys and tell them to raise their hands. When they see you have a gun, they’ll surrender and be taken by the police. Another job well done.

– Tell me more about yourself
– How do you get white teeth
– You mentioned having more than one job
– We need to talk about your manners
– Tell me more about your family
– What do you do for fun
– What’s that problem?
– What did you think of the thieves
– Can you tell more about your friends?
– Do you feel you’re getting a workout
– That was quite an event
– What do you think of the other members?
– Can you tell me more about yourself?

Session 6:

During the session Ian will get a heart attack. Use cupboard in the back and look at left side of the middle shelf to learn how to perform CPR. Then act on Ian to get him back on his feet again.

– Are you alright?
– Do you want to tell about yourself?

Session 7:

After the session there’s a break. Then follow with

Session 8:

After the session talk to the members again.

– Are you feeling OK?
– Do you think  Billy is a thief?
– How long have you been…
– You have done very well
– Is there anything interesting
– Tell me about the celebrities
– Tell me more about your friends
– You don’t happen to know where my smartbell is?

Look in the box in the cupboard in the back. Your WEIGHT is in there with gum all over it.That’s Billy’s work. When confronting him he denies is but the gum on his hands tells otherwise. Kick him in the butt to teach him a lesson.Then start your last session.

Session 9:

The next day use the phone to call Tyler. He has the review for you.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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