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Cubert Badbone, P.I. – Walkthrough (Deirdra Kiai Productions/2005)

By Leon | February 1, 2008

Cubert Badbone Walkthrough

This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

The office:

Standing outside, enter your office. Talk to Benji behind the desk. Ask her about the monstrosity on her desk. Ask her if she can ask the computer a question. Ask Rex what has happened to all the humans. They are trapped. Ask another question: What is the last digit of pi? This will occupy Rex and Benji for quite a while so you can take a look at the stuff in Benji’s drawer. Take the STROBELIGHT, POOPSIE CARD and STOCKINGS out. Leave the office and select the Baked Potato.

Baked Potato’s Bar & Disco:

Talk to the Baked Potato. Ask for a drink. It will be the regular Poopsie. Tell the potato that you have a Poopsie card. There’s your free POOPSIE. Read the warning. Leave the bar and go to Horniverous Devil Restaurant.

Horniverous Devil Restaurant:

Take a look at the table. Empty containers and a pepper shaker. Hmm.. remember the warning. Let’s see what will happen. Take the pepper shaker. You’re not alowed to. Use the Poopsie on the pepper shaker. You’re warned again but hey… now you’ve got a SPIKED POOPSIE. Next to the till is the Give-a-penny/Take-a-penny cup. Use it to take a PENNY (or three). Talk to the man behind the counter. Talk about the business and ask why he’s still lonely. He’ll tell you that he’s looking for a present for Yvette but must wait to get paid. Let’s see what we can do for him. Leave the restaurant and go to the Human Coaster.

Human Coaster:

Let’s take a ride on the human coaster. You can’t because you’re not human. Talk to the lade selling dancing elephants. It’s Yvette. Talk to Yvette. Make a donation for the good cause and get an ELEPHANT in return. Look at the elephant in your inventory and actually you only have use for the BATTERY. Use the battery on the strobe light. Leave the Human Coaster and go to Ekrat Island Dock.

Ekrat Island Dock:

Talk to the director. He’ll ask for a drink. Give him the Poopsie. Oops. Because it was spiked, he’s knocked unconcious. But you can pass. Look at the window of the Make Up Shack. Cutesie is still in there. Since the door is locked we need another way to attract some attention. Use the strobe light with the window the get Cutesie out. Use the strobelight on the window and the door will be opened. As soon as the make-up artist comes out, you can go in.

You’re asked to remove the MASK so you take it. Leave the shack and the dock and return to the Human Coaster.

Human Coaster:

Use the mask to disguise yourself and you can enter the human coaster. There are people inside. But to wait in line takes a bit long. The guy in front of you is a big fan and will do anything for an autograph. So let’s find one. Leave the human coaster and go back to the Ekrat Island Dock.

Ekrat Island Dock:

Walter is still unconscious. But at his feet is a BOX OF CHOCOLATES. Take these and go to the Horniverous Devil Restaurant.

Horniverous Devil Restaurant:

Give the box of chocolates to the guy behind the counter. He’ll leave straight away to give them to Yvette. Leaving you behind…. alone. Walk around the counter to go to the kitchen. Behind the deep fryers are GAS MASKS. Take one. Leave again for Ekrat Island Dock.

Ekrat Island Dock:

Use the gas mask on yourself and step into the lake. Here are several sharp objects. Take the SCISSORS. Leave the water and goto the Baked Potato.

Baked Potato’s Bar & Disco:

Walk all the way to the right to the disco. On the wall is a poster of Cutesie. Use the scissors from your inventory on the poster to cut out the AUTOGRAPH. Leave the disco and return to the Human Coaster.

Human Coaster:

Enter the Human Coaster. The mask will go automatically. Give the autograph to the human wearing the kilt. He’ll do anything you want so ask him to open the door. Talk to the human again and ask him to distract the French Midget. You will take the KEY. Use the key on the door and go in. You entered a void and end up in a storage room. Look at the prunes. You can’t take them because you don’t have a bag to take them.

Open the door on the left. It won’t open because there’s a piece of gum preventing that. Use the Poopsie card to remove the gum. The door is open and you’ve found the humans in a cage. The cage is locked with a keypad, so you have to find the combination. Talk to the kids. Ask them why one of them is wearing a bag. Use the mask with Dominique to trade the mask for the PAPER BAG. Leave the cage and go back to the storage room. Use the paper bag on the prunes. Go back to the room with the cage and past the case to find the toilet. Use the prunes on the juice-o-matic. You need a cup for that.

Leave the toilet and go up the stairs. Find the guard and a cup. Take the CUP and tell him you’ll get him a drink. Leave the guard for now and go back to the toilet to make some juice. Use the cup on the juice-o-matic first. Then use the prunes on the juice-o-matic. There you have a nice cup of juice.

Leave the toilets again and go upstairs to the guard. Give him the mug with prune juice. He’ll rush off to the toilets leaving the desk clearly visible. There’s a bunch of numbers, maybe the code from the lock? Leave the room.

Meet Gunner Starr who will take you to his latest invention. And there’s Babs as well. When the machine is warming up you get a chance to stop it. Use the frilly stockings on the entrance of the meat-o-matic and it will stop. Now Gunner needs to repair it first. While doing that he dropped a remote control. Pick up the REMOTE and walk to the right. Open the big scary door and you’re back in the hall with the cage. Use the code from your inventory on the lock of the cage to open it.

Talk to the people and tell them the plans of Gunner. They’ll stop him. But you still have to get the people out. You end up in the room with the cage. Empty this time. Go back to the toilet. Talk to the blind pianist. The piano is the exit. And he’ll tell all the others and guide them out.

You’re in Hawaii! So that’s where the Piano leads to. Time to have a vacation!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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