This game is a combination of Point & Click and Text Parser. Commands for the parser are noted {THIS} way.

Walk towards the corner of the desk. Next to the golfballs is a SPIKE. {TAKE SPIKE}. Walk to the inner side of the desk and go to the seat. {LOOK SEAT} to notice the cover is very loose. {TAKE SEAT COVER} to remove the seat that looks like a BAG. Walk towards the pile of MONEY and {TAKE MONEY}.

Walk to the right and {USE DOOR} to get to the street. Look around and {TAKE NUMBER} from the front door to get the NUMBER off. {USE DOOR} again to get inside and {LOOK WINDOW} to see that the cops are coming.

Since they can’t find the number, they walk away. {USE DOOR} to go outside and walk to the bike.  {USE BIKE} to drive off.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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